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L. Neil Smith's
Number 620, May 22, 2011

"We understand that we're all living in a police state"

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Sovereigns and Sentients,

When I read El Neil say in May 1st's TLE that "the only way to control the government is to become the government," I reacted with a mixture or shock and horror. I actually thought he was saying, "65 years have taught me" that we can't beat 'em, so let's join 'em. But before we go off half-cocked, I must insist on a re-reading. What he actually was saying was, I believe, the government cannot be brought to heel by Tea Party rallies and letters to Congress. Attempting to "put the dog back behind the same fence" he already jumped over won't work, because he'll just jump out again. The government, by shedding even the legitimacy granted it by the Federalist Constitution, has declared itself by its actions to be a gang of criminal thugs. And though we would like to, we cannot deal with it as we would with any smaller gang of criminal thugs. For when once we had raised the banner of armed sedition or secession, let alone applied defensive force, we would be annihilated by BATF, or the FBI HRT, or Homeland Security, or even the National Guard, and all without even as much sympathetic press as was awarded Randy Weaver or David Koresh. Now there are certain means available to us (see my upcoming article series, "I Love Ray Guns"), but these are not as yet widespread enough or cheap enough to break the siege in our favor.

"The only way to control the government is to become the government." Maybe so. But this means that in our attempts to control the government, we should become that which we hate—remember the Immune System our government has developed over the past two hundred years. Any and every well-meaning freedom activist, who goes Mr. Smith-like to Washington, to try to reform the system will be encysted and either expelled or assimilated. So I propose an alternate plan. Instead of controlling the government, why don't we try the Konkinite "counter-economic" method? Continue to promote freedom under the table, under the radar. Ignore the Muggles, and just maintain the moral and ethical consistency within our own subculture until statism collapses from its own internal contradictions. If we are correct about the ultimate thirst for liberty in the human spirit, then our subculture will eventually become the dominant culture. If not, then we can continue to Find Freedom in an Unfree World. Or eventually, we can simply move offworld.

It might not even be necessary to wait long, as at least one source ( believes that the riots in the North African countries by Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free are simply the precursors of the inevitable Crash of the Dollar. That just as inflation hurts the economically marginal first, that the inflating dollar is wiping out the Third World economies first, thus providing the camel's-back-breaking-straw triggering anti-dictator riots. It is entirely possible that we have not long to wait before the Mercantilist system falls, "like an overripe fruit," into our hands. Or, if not our hands, then into the hands of some other "controlling" faction. But why not just let it die, and lead the survivors to a New and Glorious Future? We shouldn't jump the gun. We don't need to.

It is not our destiny, our lot in life to control the government, to foist upon 307 million Americans and 50 million Illegal Aliens a government they don't want. It is our lot to be A Voice Crying in the Wilderness, saying, "Repent! Turn away from your statism!" El Neil is not the Messiah we have awaited, he is only the Great Profit who comes before him (May he indeed be declared a False Profit in the Agenda 21 matter). Our Messiah is the beloved President None of the Above, who shall reign forevermore. Against the Power which is rising in the West (i.e., us), there will be no victory. "The choice is now before you: to rise above the greatest of all your House since the days of Jefferson, or to fall into darkness with all that is left of your kin." Let us fight for the greatness that is in us. Let us fight against th'encroaching darkness. Let us fight against the half measures that would "control" the government at the expense of our moral integrity, while not preventing the collapse by one iota. Let us fight to survive the coming crash, and to rebuild thereafter. Let us fight for the future. A future in which El Neil will be denounced as a paranoid crackpot.


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