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Number 620, May 22, 2011

"We understand that we're all living in a police state"

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Unless and Until
by A.X. Perez

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Operation Gun Walker (AKA Gun Runner, AKA Fast and furious) is another example of one of the most egregiously bad strategies used by Federal law enforcement. In the Late Sixties Early Seventies I kept hearing of Agents Provocateur being used by the FBI to bust both the KKK and antiwar groups. How reliable these stories are I can not say. At least one bio of John DeLorean states that the reason he got into trouble over smuggling cocaine is that the DEA set him up with the intention of forcing him to become a snitch (interestingly, Mr. Delorean claimed he went along with the thing to get information to turn in his recruiters to the DEA). The Ruby Ridge Incident goes back to an attempt to force Randy Weaver into becoming an informant against White Supremacists.

All too often the Feds have invited people to commit crimes. If it had just been cases of setting up known criminals it would have been one thing. However, all to often non criminals were recruited to commit criminal acts so that they could then be blackmailed into infiltrating criminal groups and gathering evidence. And now the ATFE has added to this disgrace by allowing thousands of guns to be smuggled to persons who intended to use them to violate the rights of others. I strongly support the right to keep and bear arms, but the right of even criminals to arm themselves in defense of life, limb, liberty and property is not the same as letting weapons into the hands of persons you know intend to use them to murder, terrorize, and extort. Surely if allowing a few guns to fall in to the hands of a few such to discover how they were being smuggled the quantity involved is excessive.

This point cannot be underemphasized, the BATFE allowed thousands of weapons to be sold to persons they knew were going to criminally misuse them. Yet now they turn around and use this despicable act as a pretext to impose new rules on honest merchants and their customers. Now the supporters of victim disarmament are using the outcome of this despicable act to try to impose new restrictions on the rights of honest men.

Well I say that unless and until the Attorneys General, heads of Honmeland Security, heads of BATFE, and the supervisors who were responsible for knowingly arming extortionists, rapists, torturers and murderers have completed long and unpleasant prison terms those who claim to support reasonable gun laws reasonably shut up.


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