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Number 620, May 22, 2011

"We understand that we're all living in a police state"

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We Do Have A Right To Health Care
by Paul Bonneau

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I was just listening to Tom Woods explaining why we don't have a right to health care.

Now I don't have a lot of use for the concept of rights, but I will go along within this article just because everybody seems to speak that language.

Tom, you're wrong. You're just wrong. And all the other libertarians I've heard talking on this are wrong, too. Every individual on this Earth clearly has a right to the very best healthcare that money can buy. He just doesn't have the right to dragoon everyone else into paying for it.

Well, isn't that saying essentially the same thing?

No, it definitely is not.

When libertarians go on about people not having a right to health care, they are in effect saying 2+2=5. Everybody knows that is wrong. Statists cleverly make the claim that everyone has the right to healthcare because it is obviously right. Only idiots would argue against it (hint, hint)! But "everyone has a right to healthcare" is actually just a euphemism for "everyone has a right to steal from others for their own ends", which is what they really mean—but prefer to disguise it. And for good reason!

If libertarians had any sense, they would stop arguing against the warm, fuzzy, obviously correct euphemism of "Everyone has a right to healthcare," and start arguing instead, "Yeah you do, but you don't have the right to steal from others to pay for it!" They would stop arguing against things that are obviously true, and argue instead another point that is obviously true. It's obviously true that there is no right to steal.

Rip that euphemism off, and show what the statists are really talking about. Stop falling into their trap, of being made to argue against obvious truths!


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