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Number 620, May 22, 2011

"We understand that we're all living in a police state"

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Judgement Day
The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

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I had to hold off writing this column until now, 6 p.m. of the 21st of May, because some phony "preacher" in California (where else?) had predicted that "the Rapture" would begin today with a series of massive calamities which would culminate in the divine judgement of the living and the resurrected dead alike. As I live in an earthquake zone I decided to take no chances and spent the day at home.

That con artists make fortunes off predictions of disaster is nothing new, nor is it particularly newsworthy, so one must ask oneself why the mainstream media hacks are promoting this particular scam. The answer, of course, is that the MSM, having a militant atheist agenda to promote, love to publicise every bunko scheme that pretends to be religious. This plays into their propaganda that all religious belief is inherently silly and "non-scientific". In logic this tactic is called "setting up a straw man," and it is as dishonest as it is irrational.

The MSM also vigorously promote every asinine comment made by any atheist as "proof" that there is no God. Recently, for example, the always incoherent Stephen Hawking, author of the most unread book of theory in our times, "A Brief History of Time", opined that there is no afterlife and no God. The arrogance of such a remark is extraordinary, even for a twit like Hawking, and is only surpassed by a comment made by another militant atheist, Bill Maher, that there is no God because he, Maher, considers himself to be an intelligent person and he doesn't believe in God. If that's good enough "proof" for you, chances are that you may also belong to Maher's organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, of which he is a serving member of the board of directors. Now, that's an outfit known for its great logic!

Interestingly, those same "great scientific minds" have been promoting their own forecasts of doom and disaster—and making immense fortunes at the expense of the public—since at least the early 1970s. Back then we were told of an impending "population bomb" which would result in massive worldwide starvation by the year 2000 at the latest. That anniversary was allowed to come and go without any observation, and certainly neither introspection nor self-criticism, by the MSM who had been so eager to promote it.

Today, of course, we are still bombarded with media-promoted bogeys of Global Warming and Irreversible Pollution and of course also, fortunes are being made from this by the likes of Al Gore and the infamous Canadian high priest of the "science" religion, David Suzuki The MSM don't mock their false prognostications, however, because the MSM are in the service of the governments which license them, and those governments make a lot of money from "carbon taxes" and other schemes which require a constant series of doomsday predictions to keep the populace terrified and compliant.

These two parallel media campaigns are connected by the key word "judgement". One must judge all manner of things in life, not the least of which is the "information" coming from our televisions, newspapers and computers. In order to prevent ourselves from being conned by those who profit from our fears and gullibility we need to doubt and analyse all that we are told by "experts" and preachers of all kinds; we need to judge what we hear constantly. In that sense, today, and every day, is Judgement Day.

Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles, is a nasty old curmudgeon who lives to torment the God damned nation-state, feminazis, mercantilists, Darwinians, warmongers, socialists, global warmites, vegans, abortionists, animal rights nutsos, and the "politically correct" of all stripes. He is not a nice man, and you wouldn't want him for a neighbour—at least, that's what his mother says, and she should know. If something he writes upsets you, he won't care; on the contrary, he'll feel that he has succeeded in his efforts.


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