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Number 621, May 29, 2011

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Not Letting Go
by A.X. Perez

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Between the War on Crime, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror the US Government is at war with the American people. As a result even the most honest police officer, driven by love for the Bill of Rights, is reduced to a foot soldier in the Army of occupation. Of course, when you live next door to a three way shooting war between drug smugglers and Mexican police of varying degrees of integrity, having an army of occupation on hand comes in handy.

Speaking of three way shooting wars, the Mexican Government is livid over Operation Fast and Furious (see: [This Link]) the proper name for Operation Gunwalker (AKA Gunrunner). And well they should be, the BATFE armed vicious criminals who not only fought each other and the police of Mexico for control of the drug trade, but who also kidnapped people, even poor people, for ransom, ran protection rackets, threatened the murder of small children, and murdered in a rather indiscriminate manner. Ciudad Juarez alone averages eight murders a day, and some of the guns used in that may be Gunwalker weapons.

Arguably, Fast and Furious is an act of war against Mexico. ATFE put guns (at least 2,000) into the hands of criminals who are resisting the legitimate government of Mexico (yes I know many of us don't believe there is such a thing as legitimate government, the BATFE's bosses do) enforcing legitimate laws (see previous comment). Either they were acting as rogues and filibustering (original meaning, waging illegal private war) or they were carrying out a policy of the United States to make war against Mexico by arming criminals. Livid? The Mexicans should be asking for the heads of the Attorney's General, heads of BATFE, and supervisors involved in lucite under threat of formally declaring war.

Meanwhile, the US Government, especially the BATFE, continues to make war against the American people.


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