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Musings on Mercantilism
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Number 621, May 29, 2011
"Anything less than freedom is not freedom, but something else."

by Rex May

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Afghan Fields
by Jim Davidson

In Afghan fields the poppies blow
Between the grave sites, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly,
Scarce heard amidst the guns below.
We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Afghan fields.
Take not our quarrel with the foe.
Leave that unwanted torch our hand now yields.
The war not ours is neither yours.
No matter how many sons and daughters die,
The poppies grow in Afghan fields.


The above poem was inspired by an image much like this one:

It is derivative of the poem "Flanders Fields" from WW One.

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Letters to the Editor
from Crazy Al

Musings on Mercantilism
by L. Neil Smith
All of our lives, we Baby Boomers and those who have come after us, have been loftily informed by the culture's intelligentsia, by the literati, by the cognoscenti that the way we live -- we children of the Productive Class -- where we choose to live, mostly in the suburbs, is all wrong, hideous, like something out of a horror movie.

Barack Obama and the Incredible Flying Spaghetti Monster
by L. Reichard White
This tall tale is about a legend that wasn't. It's brought to you by Mr. Obama, Uncle Sam -- and The Incredible Flying Spaghetti Monster. The story begins with the original attack on Afghanistan in October of 2001.

Did They Fight and Die For Our Freedom?
by Susan Callaway
The red face, shaking finger and loud voice was bad enough, of course, and the attempt to make me feel guilty for objecting to the police state America has become was, naturally, insulting to my intelligence. But the most horrible part was the fact that this old, grizzled veteran had lived most of his life truly believing that the death and destruction he and so many others had suffered and witnessed in America's wars was the only thing that stood between us and the loss of America or American liberty.

Communism, and why it not only WON'T work but CAN'T work!
by Neale Osborn
Earlier today, on another of my articles comment section, a person I have fun with said she'd love to live in a communist society. Here's the relevant part of her comment.

Atlas Shrugged: A Movie Review
by Sean Gangol
Recently, the first installment of the movie adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged was released in theaters. In 1992 an entrepreneur who happened to be a fan of the original novel, purchased the rights, hoping to make a faithful movie adaptation. For many years the project sat idle. At one point Angelina Jolie and Charlene Theorizan were interested in playing Dagny Taggart, the novel's main protagonist and there were talks of a mini-series, all of which never came to pass.

Activist judges to the left of me...
by Jim Davidson
...and activist judges to the right of me. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Not Letting Go
by A.X. Perez
Between the War on Crime, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror the US Government is at war with the American people. As a result even the most honest police officer, driven by love for the Bill of Rights, is reduced to a foot soldier in the Army of occupation. Of course, when you live next door to a three way shooting war between drug smugglers and Mexican police of varying degrees of integrity, having an army of occupation on hand comes in handy.

In Praise of Greed and Envy
by Doug Carkuff
We have been hearing a lot about greed in the last several years, particularly in regard to Wall Street, big banks and the financial crisis. The crisis was caused by the insatiable greed of investment bankers and financial speculators with their mortgage backed securities and predatory lending and hedge funds and derivatives and whatnot. It all happened because all these people got greedy and exploited the system. And, of course, greed, as Tom Woods has said, apparently comes in 20 year cycles.

Frontline Hit Piece on Bradley Manning
by Jim Davidson
This evening the Pubic Broadcasting Service hour-long news analysis and editorial opinion show "Frontline" carried a carefully crafted hit piece on Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. It was crafty in its attempts to present itself as balanced or objective. It was clearly a deliberate hit piece, making repeated ad hominem attacks on both Manning and Assange.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 127
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 127 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!


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