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Number 622, June 5, 2011

"The cops have gone crazy.
There's lots of this going around, these days."

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Michael Bradshaw

Another Letter from L. Neil Smith

Joseph wrote: "You say you're neither right nor left yet you use right wing talking points & tactics. Just pointing out the obvious. Also while "Palin, like a rock isn't an exact fact, there's enough TRUTH in it to be funny."

Joseph, if you had a gray cell in your cranium, or knew anything about politics beside what you see on The View, you'd know that, far from being the kind of right wing socialist we call conservative, I'm a libertarian, and a fairly famous one, at that. Check me out on Google, Wikipedia, or I've been at it 49 years.

If you're so far gone into left wing socialist fantasy you can't tell a libertarian from a conservative, you need couch-time, not hideously self-embarrassing Facebook time.

I see your avatar is an English thorn. But somehow, neither the GOP nor the DNC wants to stop killing people by the hundreds of thousands. Educate yourself. You might wind up with us, the only people in politics who would end the Forever War and return ownership of your life, and all the products of your life, exclusively to you.

Start by going to

L. Neil Smith

Apropos Jim's (much better) adaptation of "Flanders Fields" of last week; I would hop back across the Atlantic, if you are interested, with a bit of doggerel:

"When you're wounded and left on America's plains,
And the G-men come out to cut up your remains,
Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
And go to your God like a soldier!"

With apologies to Rudyard Kipling

Michael Bradshaw


There's been a hassle on FaceBook about what civilians and cops can or can't do on "government property", with some saying the Bill of Rights doesn't apply there. I wrote this in response:

A little civics lesson, gentlemen, if you will allow me. The Bill of Rights is misnamed. It is not a list of things we are "allowed" to do, it is a list of things that government is not allowed to do, principally to trespass against certain natural liberties that are ours simply by virtue of our having been born.

The Bill of rights, therefore, is actively in force any time, any place that there are human beings. If it were metaphysically possible (it is not) it would apply even more on so-called government property than anyplace else, since it is specifically government that is constrained by it.

Moreover, since it is not just Americans who are human beings (contrary to what many seem to believe) it puts a whole new face on the legality—or illegality—of war, and in particular the treatment being accorded to the political prisoners at Guantanamo and similar places.

L. Neil Smith


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