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Number 623, June 12, 2011

"The State is Crumbling"

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Arms Dealers
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

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Comic Super Hero "Hawk" from "Hawk and Dove" reacts to a suggestion about temperance when dealing with Arms Dealers.

"Selling weapons to enemy combatants who are gonna use those weapons to either attack our country or our troops -- which to me is one and the same. There's good and there's bad Dove, and we know it when we see it. We either let it fester or we address it."

At which moment he proceeds to tear the roof off the van full of skels and pitch them into the street or get shot by their buddy's wild gunfire. What's the point?

The point is, I am much like Hawk, I want to boot some head too. Today I'd like to start with the BATFE, who have given drug cartels more than 1700 combat quality firearms. Durable and tough UBG's that they thought they could catch some cartel storing in a warehouse or barn somewhere. Figuring they could cripple one cartel's means of acquiring guns by capturing their armorer in a sting. The problem is that the cartels need all the guns they can get, they don't rely on just one source for anything they use, and they employ free-market bids and buy the best quality needed for the mission. Even busting the guys who they "helped" acquire guns here in the US would have been more fruitful an enterprise. Now to find out that "The Gang"; may now be accessory to the murder of other Americans, by providing the weapons that ultimately were used -- places this alphabet soup agency at the top of my "No Fly List". Shades of the Oglala Uprising on Pine Ridge, or the siege at Wounded Knee come drifting back on the wind; our native brothers and sisters whispering the warnings, they'll come for you.

What poor soul will this hammer fall upon? Who will be jailed for selling weapons to Jose' Enrique Generic Mexican? And when the BATFE is again safe to try another failure of a sting, what will it be? Formerly known as the ATF, this agency has a long and storied history of creating the ugliest violations of human rights ever seen on this continent. If you get chills reading about the war south of the border where no one is spared in the violence; then the stories about the ATF will keep you awake at night, wondering who dies next, and will there be children dying with them this time? This is just par for the course for the ATF, more dead Americans on their hands... And that makes me just physically sick.

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