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Number 623, June 12, 2011

"The State is Crumbling"

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The Key Task Of The Resistance
by Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

The success of the resistance will lie solely in the hands of the individual will to resist bandied together around a single rallying cause. Think about that. This one statement tells you exactly the construction of a successful resistance effort.

Any given "society" will only develop resistance potential when the local State becomes a monster and begins preying on the individual, declaring the individual to be the enemy and openly making war on the individual. As a State moves more and more towards a hot out-in-the-open tyranny, the more that the resistance potential of a society will grow. These two factors move in tandem together. And it must be that way. The more tyranny that the State ladles out, the more resistance grows within the bellies of the individual members of society.

When I speak of "the Resistance" I am talking about a movement within a given society that is actively seeking to thwart the powers which are ruling that society. That ruling structure is called The State. The portion of the population that is involved in a life or death conflict with the forces of the State is called the resistance movement.

The stakes are high. If the individuals in society do not throw the State off their backs, these individuals are doomed to be subjects, to be slaves, to be beings robbed of their legal status and exploited as resources or killed for sport or killed to save Mother Earth which is the excuse they are currently using to justify murder on a planetary scale.

There is a point when the resistance goes hot. It is a line in the sand that is clearly marked. During the phases of resistance (of which there are three), this line separates phase one of the resistance, passive resistance, from phase two,active resistance. JFK defines this demarcation point quite starkly in his statement that "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." Do you see the line that separates the two phases? It is pretty stark and obvious.

I ask:How does the State render peaceful revolution impossible?

Answer: The State makes it illegal for the people to seek a redress of grievances through the official legal system. Does that make sense? When the State shuts this down, it by default, makes regime change only possible now through the use of counter-force.

Violent Revolution is now the only game left in town. The resistance transitions overnight now from passive to active. Active is military-speak foropen warfare. In the beginning of phase two, active resistance, and following through to near this phase's conclusion, the style of warfare engaged in is known asguerrilla warfare. The military has a sexy new term for this:asymmetrical warfare. Guerrilla warfare, asymmetrical warfare...same shit. I like the classical terms best. I'm an old-school Special Forces guy. I like calling it a resistance movement, not an insurgency.

Despite the attempts to confuse this issue,insurgencies are resistance movements. For the purposes of all our future discussions, a resistance movement is an insurgency. The Pentagon and JCS can take a number. I'll debate you offline and use your own FMs against you.

You see, I don't like the collectivist terminology used in sociology which then naturally pollutes the doctrine of unconventional warfare. You might notice that I deliberately direct your attention to the fact thatcommunities are made up of individuals. I use the blanket term society very minimally. I instead remind you through phrasing that we should rather view this concept from the vantage of individuals making up this homogenization called society.

Society really doesn't exist.

It's a semantic spook. A ghost in the machine.

All that exists are individuals. Individuals can choose to band together under common banners and causes to form groupings. If these groupings get large enough they can begin to wield tremendous sway on the rest of the individuals that have been reluctant to join up with this growing grouping of individuals. A major key subtask of the resistance therefore is the work involved with growing this grouping of individuals called the resistance movement and making it larger.Large enough to effectively go toe-to-toe against the enemy State.

However, the KEY TASK is even more fundamental. If you do and accomplish this, you will win hands down. I defy anyone to demonstrate otherwise.

Buckle up, Bones. This is what you have to do to slay the giant. Paying attention? Got your pencils out?

First, I'm going to take a quote from our most foundational document, the Declaration of Independence. Look at this:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,..."

Did you catch that? What does a government (or State) absolutely NEED in order to exercise its "just powers"?

That's right.It needs your consent. This is the most fundamental ceding that must take place between individuals and a State. That consent to be ruled must be granted. Or there is no legitimacy in the minds and eyes of the individuals being ruled.

So, to reverse engineer this into a weapon for dismantling a State: the most important task of the resistance movement isin persuading a super-majority of individuals in society to withdraw their consent to be ruled by the enemy State.

If you succeed in this, you will win the debate and the conflict. No State can survive the withdrawal of consent from the governed.

You can also see that during phase one of the resistance, if the resistance can get the super- majority to withdraw consent at this stage,the need to go forward into open warfare has been completely defused. I strongly urge everyone to consider the import of this. We do not want to have to prosecute a ground conflict over this issue with the corporate fascist global State.

The key is very very simple. Withdraw your consent. Every individual must make that steadfast decision today. And it can be over tomorrow. Withdraw your consent to let these cannibals violate you in every way. They can't fight all of us. The super-majority will always out number them.

This is the supreme key to victory. Now go forth and use this insight to turn the tides. Persuade your neighbor to withdraw their consent today.

And we can dance in victory on the corpse of the New World Order tomorrow.

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