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"Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be a
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Line in the Sand
by A.X. Perez

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Sooner or later "the line" gets crossed. The line between using a little extra force to deal with a hard case suspect and brutalizing a suspect. The line between putting a spin on the facts and telling a flat out lie. Eventually you reach the point of no return and the only way you are going on the slippery slope is down.

BATFE started Operation Fast and Furious, now better known as Gunrunner, as a sting to catch people smuggling weapons to the narcotraficantes in Mexico. They ran into a problem. Gun dealers in the area involved "made" the straw men buyers and called the BATFE to report these types. ATFE told the gun dealers not to worry and sell the guns. Not ten or twenty times , not a couple of hundred times like a reasonable person would expect. The lowest figure I've seen is about 2,500, enough weapons for a small brigade.

Let us clearly summarize this idea, the ATFE ordered law abiding American merchants to arm a brigade of criminals.

In effect ATFE armed an army of murderers, rapists, extortionists, and slavers who financed their actions by smuggling drugs into the US. This has helped destabilize the government of Mexico and led to the terrorizing of the honest working people of that nation. The last time I checked such behavior constitutes an act of war. Either it is the policy of the United States to destabilize the government of friendly nations ( given some of the stunts we've pulled this is less unreasonable than it ought to be) or elements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives abused their police authority in the United States to conduct a filibuster (look up original meeting) against Mexico. Not only that, they did so with the approval and support of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Eric Holder is at War with Mexico, a nation friendly to the US. He is doing this either to support some agenda of the US government which is secret from the rest of the American people or the man is a freebooter, a man illegally making war for profit or political advantage. Eric Holder is a criminal, either way.

Meanwhile the BATFE, Eric Holder, and other persons in the current government have used the appearance of American weapons in Mexico to agitate for stricter gun laws in the United States, for example, reinstituting the "Ugly Gun Ban" and when that died (due to lack of public support by President Obama as much as anything else, to give props as earned ) requiring that gun dealers on the Border report the sale of two or more semiauto rifles to the same person within five days to ATFE. Apparently the political fain in the US that thousand of Mexicans died for and Ciudad Juarez was laid to waste was to further gun control in the United States. Apparently Eric Holder and friends were also engaged in a filibuster against the United States.

Eric Holder, the head of BATFE and the other architects and leaders of Operation Fast and Furious engaged in private war against the United States. The Constitution has a word for this.

Last year I tore into President Calderon for complaining about American gun laws being too lax. This year if he was to ask for the head (no bodies, just heads) of the camel humping sons of motherless goats who broke American and international law and made private war on Mexico I would have to support him. Let us see if Eric Holder's boss has the respect for law to deal with him as he deserves.

Or if Congress has the balls to treat an oathbreaking President as he deserves.


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