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Endgame Of The Resistance
by Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

I've previously mentioned and want to reemphasize now the relationship between resistance potential inside any given population and the escalation of restriction practiced by a State in transition to hardcore tyranny. When one side of the scale moves upward, the other side moves a proportional increase in the same direction as well. If it were a stock chart it would be two moving average lines mirroring each other between two rising price levels.

Globally, we see the human race as a whole is exploding with raw resistance potential right now. Most of these outbreaks of revolt are currently deep inside phase two of the resistance continuum. The United States is not immune. There is a heavily consolidating resistance potential evolving among the individual citizens of Amerika. That resistance potential is still struggling through phase one of the resistance continuum. But we are perilously close to driving the bus off the cliff into the abyss of phase two.

I remind you of what phase two will mean for the population here should we have to continue the struggle for independence into an actual ground war. No shit, Sherlock—it ain't going to be a pretty Norman Rockwell picture of wholesomeness. So it behooves all of us to make double damn sure we wrap it up in phase one, or jump right to phase three, pole vaulting over phase two.

Does that make sense people? Yes, just being pragmatic about the predicament means that we MUST prepare to conduct phase two, but we must fight to win NOW before we have to go force-on-force with the State's enforcement thugs.

Endgame of the Resistance right now means focusing the group effort on one thing and one thing only: engineering the mass withdrawal of consent granted the State by the individuals making up the "body" of the ruled. This goal is the Holy Graal, the Prime Directive, Rule #1 of the Resistance.

I want to put a new tool on the table for application to the struggle. This tool steals the very fire of the Gods and directs it against the murder syndicate currently ruling the planet of the apes. I originally floated the nucleus of this plan on December 23, 2010 in my article Intention THE ANNOUNCEMENT and its an itch that won't go away.

In a nutshell, physicists have, in my opinion, fairly well demonstrated that matter is directly influenced by the energy of human consciousness. Who is the master which makes the grass green? WE ARE. Human consciousness is represented to our minds via our neurology. So the ultimate weapon of survival just may be learning to use our neurology in ways that the New World Order cannibals have no defense for.

This is the most unconventional weapon ever proposed in the history of unconventional war. The diehard military materialists are snorting and rolling in glee at the thought, like happy pigs in mud. That's absolutely the way I want it. They won't be using their neurology to try and nullify our global mindcast of dissent.

The scientific protocols for using this tech has found that a negative thought form carries more bang than a positively structured one. It has also been discovered that the thought forms that are most precisely defined and visualized have the most power; the thoughts which are cloudy and ambiguous rob the intention of its power to affect the material world.

This gives us two important parameters for our project.

1. The willed thought form must be negative/destructive in nature.

2. The thought form must be precisely defined and laser focused so that all involved are projecting the same outcome at the same time.

So our task is to first clearly define the objective. It just can't be something like DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. That's too ambiguous and leaves it up to each participant to visualize what that means, what that looks like before participating in the event. Remember, laser focused intention multiplied by as many human nervous systems that can be enlisted into the project. That is the key to success with this tech. Then see Rule #1 of the Resistance above for inspiration as to this intention's THEME, its ultimate GOAL, the endstate we wish to create in the outer world we mistakenly experience as separate and outside ourselves.

The endgame of the resistance is in engineering Rule #1 to become the actual mass reality in our material world. One powerful way to acheive that could be the use of the Intention Weapon. It has the utility of being peaceful, being unstoppable (how can these genuises stop all of us from coordinating our thoughts?), completely unconventional like that fist you never see coming until its too late. When successfully applied, there would be no way of defending against its effects.

I like it. This could be the way down and out. Tune In, Turn On, and Withdraw Consent.

Libertas vel Oblivio
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Lucifer Geraldo is the pen name of a former Army green beret now off the reservation. His website is


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