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Number 627, July 10, 2011

"The US Constitution is a Trojan Horse"

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US Constitution is a Trojan Horse
by Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

I just want to point out AGAIN: the pickle we are in today with the out-of-control Federal State is a result of the Constitution. What I am saying is this: the US Constitution was DESIGNED to increasingly consolidate power into the hands of the criminals in Washington. That design is very subtle and misleading. The Constitution only APPEARS to put a straightjacket on the Federal entity's bid for ever expanding power and jurisdiction over your life and everything you do.

So, the constant call to "return to the Constitution" is an oxymoron at best. The Constitution was the very vehicle that got us to this place we now find ourselves in. The monstrosity we now face is exactly the kind of "energetic government" Alexander Hamilton craved. If he could see his brainchild today, he'd be experiencing paroxysms of ejaculatory joy. The Federal Leviathan of today is Alexander Hamilton's wet dream of yesteryear come true.

Alexander Hamilton betrayed the American Revolution. The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was a coup against the Articles of Confederation. The "republic" has always been a Hologram of Liberty.

The most damning indictment against the US Constitution is that this document founded the American State. The State is the absolute antithesis of a free and voluntary society. The two cannot coexist. Ever. Before real unconditional Liberty can take root in the soil of the American psyche, the State must go. The US Constitution needs to be scrapped. That is the only answer to our plight.

This website exists to disseminate the tactics of the resistance movement. The resistance has two primary goals within the context of the current American situation:

1.) To persuade the vast majority of Americans into renouncing their consent to be ruled by Washington.

#1 is the MOST IMPORTANT task of any legitimate resistance movement.

2.) To provide the alternative to the Constitution.

The endstate of the resistance is to overthrow the current tyranny and build upon its ashes the voluntary society, with unconditional Liberty and cooperation for all.

To overthrow this tyranny of today, and then "reinstate" the pure Constitution is to set up our posterity for another appointment with doom. This action will merely reset the Tyranny Clock back to zero and off we go again to watch as the central State reengineers its dimensions to one day fill every aspect of human life with insanity, oppression, and incarceration for all.

The parchment worshippers need to pull their heads out of their asses and smell the tyranny fairly well wafting off that monstrous abortion unleashed on us by the Federalist traitors of 1787 whose ring leader was Alexander Hamilton.

I submit that if Alexander Hamilton were living today, he'd be chairman of the board of the Bilderberg Group and operating in joyous cooperation with the agenda of the New World Order. The New World Order didn't hoodwink us in 1913. We've been had since 1787.

The US Constitution was their trojan horse. It's time to face the music and take the friggin' blinders off. In order to some day reinherit and reestablish the doctrine of Liberty in this land, we must first emancipate ourselves from our civic illusions. The most destructive of these illusions is the idea that the US Constitution is designed to protect our inalienable rights from infringement by the State. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Libertas vel Oblivio

Res ipsa loquitor

Lucifer Geraldo is the pen name of a former Army green beret now off the reservation. His website is


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