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Number 629, July 24, 2011

"The 21st century Rosa Parks"

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A Servant of Their Rights
by L. Neil Smith

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Three seemingly unrelated stories in the news this week together show clearly the sort of mess we've gotten into as a civilization, and point to what we must do (and undo) if we ever want our culture back again.

In the first, a lady from Longmont, Colorado, trying to fly home from Phoenix, had enough molestation by would-be concentration camp guards of the Transportation Safety Administration and, having been mishandled on multiple occasions, finally seized one by the breast (I hadn't known the species of subhuman orcs was differentiated sexually, let alone mammalian) and did some pulling, squeezing, and twisting, herself. Appropriately enough, the whole thing happened on Bastille Day.

According to reports, 61-year-old five-foot-tall Yukari Miyamae, a self-employed translator, author and radio producer, found herself surrounded by a bullying gang of TSA thugs when she declined scanning by the security devices many believe to be carcinogenic. When one of the goons came too close, Miyamae reacted instinctively, in an act of self-defense.

And when she did, she acted for each and every one of us.

The fact that, after a lot of tough talk early in the day from the feds, the lady will not be charged by the government, demonstrates how fragile the TSA's hold on power really is. Had the case gotten into a courtroom, the criminals in charge are well aware that no jury of ordinary people would have convicted Miyamae, and it may well have meant the end of current airport "security" practices, if not the TSA itself.

The drooling simpletons of Maricopa County (home of America's fascist sweetheart Sheriff Joe Arpaio) may still charge Miyamae with a misdemeanor. However it turns out, we are grateful, and will do all we can to make sure she goes down in history as the 21st century Rosa Parks.

For more information, and to help:

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The second story comes from Canton, Ohio, where the local clowns decided to roust a couple of guys who had driven into a "bad" part of town to help a friend. Apparently they had probable cause to believe the civilians were committing the heinous crime of breathing while driving.

Daniel Harless, one of Canton's finest (actually, I suspect the communist police in Canton, China are more civil and professional) must have been suffering from the hemorrhoids that are a policeman's lot these days, because, with no discernable justification he suddenly—and uninterruptably—began abusing the driver, one William Bartlett, at the top of his gills and, it seems, started searching the car.

At this point, the driver finally managed to get a word in edgewise, fulfilling a legal obligation by informing this uniformed waste of oxygen and floorspace that he held a concealed carry permit and had a little revolver on his person. The bludge then went insane, calling Bartlett all kinds of obscene names and threatening to kill him.

"I should have took two steps back," the potential Rhodes scholar announced, "pulled my Glock .40 and just put 10 bullets in your ass and just let you drop and I wouldn't have lost any sleep!" In the end, Bartlett was charged with not informing the "authorities" promptly that he had a weapon, even though he had never been offered a chance to.

Unfortunately for the idiotic and abusive cop, all of this was captured on a dashboard video camera (I guess it must have been the police unit's dashboard, which makes the guy doubly stupid), and to save his putative superiors from any further embarrassment, he is currently vacationing, i.e., getting paid by using up his sick time. The video has gone "viral" all over the world so in Canton, China (just to name an example) they can see what America's cops have become.

As usual, they stole Bartlett's little revolver.

Learn more at Ohioans For Concealed Carry. The Buckeye Firearms Association has donated $1,000 to Mr. Bartlett's defense. Maybe he'll get his gun back.

Our third story involves Janet Napolitano's madcap regime, the Department of Homeland Security, which recently released a propaganda film heavily implying that the gravest threat these days to truth, justice, and the National Socialist way is not the mostly imaginary Muslim terrorists whom she and other professional paranoids have been beating the drums against since her unconstitutional agency was spawned from the primordial muck of 9/11, but white Productive Class families.

Napolitano has been braying the party line of the deeply fascistic Southern Poverty Law Center ("Of course we'll call it antifascism," said Huey Long) for years, trying to foment police violence against anyone who remembers what his rights are and freely exercises them. She makes lists of "terrorist" traits that include being religious, using bumper stickers, owning firearms, aiding Ron Paul for President, doubting the stability of government money and advocating gold and silver.

I don't know what J.K. Rowling was thinking when she created the evil Dolores Umbridge for her Harry Potter books, but a clearer, more repulsive image of Napolitano doesn't exist anywhere else. Rather than simply reiterate what others have written on the topic, I strongly urge you to read Paul Joseph Watson's Friday, July 22, 2011 article "Feds Profiling Whites, Middle Class Americans As Terrorists" at

In the meantime, Napolitano's efforts have produced their intended effects like those we've seen in Canton, Ohio and dozens of other places, and made the nation's airports seem like a little glimpse of Dachau. In the end, when all this is finally over, and the tribunals have been held, she must either be locked in a padded cell, or spend the rest of her life in prison for urging the weak-minded to capital criminality.

With creatures like Napolitano cheering from the sidelines, the cops have pretty much gone crazy. What I would say to them—if I thought they would listen, which I don't—is this. The ugly and infamous TV theme song "Bad Boys" is now about you. Maybe it always was. As the saying goes, you have "lost the meaning"—that is, if you ever had it. You have forgotten who you work for and why you do it.

No matter what you may think, you work for the people, not for your bosses. It is not so much, as is often asserted, that you are their servant. You are a servant of their rights, which you have solemnly sworn to uphold and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Even if they're the other officers you work with.

Even if they're you.

You are a servant of their rights whether or not they exercise them in a manner you approve of. You are a servant of their rights whether or not you agree with what they believe. You are a servant of their rights even if they dress or talk differently than you do. And you are a servant of their rights especially when some appointed power-crazy homicidal lunatic at the federal level tells you you are not.

If it makes you mad to read this, if your face is getting red now and your neck is swelling up, and the veins are standing out on your forehead, if all you want is to yank that piece on your hip that I and my fellow Americans generously allow you carry, and put 10 rounds into my ass for having written these truths, then it is up to you to search whatever conscience you have may left. You're in the wrong profession, bad boy, and you'd better get out, and damned quick, before it's too late.

James Madison is coming for you, and he's pissed.

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