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Number 632, August 14, 2011

"Planned and controlled genocide"—
She wants you dead!

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Ilse Koch
Ilse Koch "The Beast of Buchenwald"
Audrey F. Tomason
Audrey F. Tomason, Director for Counterterrorism for the National Security Council.
(She wants you dead!)

Democide Is Painless
by L. Neil Smith

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The most dangerous and successful conspiracies take place in public, in plain sight, under the clear, bright light of day—usually with TV cameras focused on them.
—L.Neil Smith, "Tactical Reflections"

Meet Ilse Koch, the so-called "Beast of Buchenwald", wife of Karl Otto Koch, Kommandant of that notorious slaughterhouse, and later of Majdanek in Poland. When we were little boys, growing up in the shadow of World War II, my classmates and I, as little boys will, tried to make each other shudder over the gory details of the woman's sadistic cruelties to Jewish concentration camp prisoners. Most infamously, she is the one accused of making lampshades from the preserved skin of her murdered victims. It's said she preferred sections with interesting tattoos.

Koch was imprisoned for the rest of her life for having done what she did. Eventually she committed suicide in 1967 at the age of 60. Many more Nazis like her were hanged, as she probably should have been. But what would we do today—and how would the media react—if somebody were to travel around the country delivering passionate, and repulsively well-received speeches in defense of Ilse Koch, demanding that what she did be done again, as a matter of government policy?

You think you know, don't you?

Meet Audrey Tomason.

Reportedly Barack Obama's Director for Counterterrorism, the diminutive 30-something Tomason is said by Wikipedia to be "one of the most secretive women in U.S. intelligence circles", so much so that her master's thesis, written while attending Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, is now classified by the U.S. government as top-secret, as reprehensible a violation of academic principles as possible.

It is known that she has authored a report called "The Apocalypse Equation", suggesting that it would be more "humane" for our world—meaning our species—to undergo a "planned and controlled genocide" rather than to see it descend into the abyss of chaos it is now entering.

Note that whenever the power-hungry speak of "chaos", what they are actually referring to is freedom. And that whenever they are doing the most unspeakable things to people—making choices for them that nobody should be allowed to make—it is invariably out of pure kindness.

Making the most out of junk science and garbage arguments like global warming and peak oil, Tomason asserts, without credible support, that the "sustainable population" of this planet (whenever one of these creatures utters the word "sustainable" it's time to empty your shooting hand and unfasten your safety-strap) is only 1.5 billion people, compared to the United Nations' estimate of seven billion, expected to be reached by October 31st of this year—not to mention the figure, even worse, of 10 billion, estimated by the year 2100. The solution, at least according to this intellectual and spiritual descendant of Ilse Koch, is obvious: get rid of five and a half billion individuals now cluttering up her nice, neat, idealistic globe.

The correct word, by the way, is not "genocide", a racist crime, but democide, the indiscriminate slaughter and disposal of men, women, and children, without regard to race, creed, or national origin. When exhaling carbon dioxide becomes Original Sin, democide becomes the Rapture.

The situation is very like—and closely related to—the global warming hoax. Even though the bonnet-bee of overpopulation has been discredited for at least a generation, even though world population growth has been slowing for nearly twenty years, even though the entire population of the Earth could fit into Texas—allowing an acre of land apiece for each individual—and even though the technical means are at hand for as many people to get off the Earth as want to, Tomason's sick fixation is far from unique, in academia, in the establishment media, in the United Nations, and in the Obama regime, each as bloodthirsty and preoccupied with death as the Aztec Empire.

The current excuse doesn't really matter; what's important are the killings.

So what makes Audrey Tomason any different, morally, from Ilse Koch? Is it because her ambitions haven't been realized yet? Or because she has better taste in interior decor? Does it make the act any better if the victims are accorded a decent burial or tidy cremation?

Today, all decent individuals reject the obscene and murderous irrationalities of the Nazis. Regrettably, the world is not controlled by decent individuals. It's controlled by drooling barbarians like Tomason, who want to see some major fraction of the human race—the common call at the U.N. these days is 90 percent—wiped out in some manner most of them are too timorous, as yet, to publicly articulate. Obama's people yearn to initiate a Super-Holocaust, but somehow, in the fevered imaginings of yet another crazed, latterday Nazi, Janet Napolitano, it's we, America's Productive Class, who are potential terrorists.

Some few—I'm sure they'd like to see their names mentioned here—on the excuse that the world isn't ready yet to hear what they believe, tend to give brave speeches at "scientific" conferences where all cameras and recorders have been prohibited. They would like to weaponize the Ebola virus, aerosolize it, and employ the world's huge fleets of strategic bombers to execute everyone they don't approve of in the most excruciating and horrible way imaginable, betraying their actual motivation, a deeply-seated hatred for all of their fellow human beings which finds its origin in an even deeper hatred for themselves.

The milder sort merely want to regiment the population, finally controlling every facet and every moment of our lives in the name of saving energy or cutting carbon emissions, so that we slowly starve to death in overcrowded tenements or die of cold, excessive heat, or despair.

Of course the same restrictions won't apply to them. They'll all be given luxurious dachas in the otherwise deserted countryside as a reward for years of faithful public service. And they'll want to save a few hundred million younger, prettier peasants as hewers of wood, drawers of water, and suckers of—well, I'm sure you get the picture.

There will be some pathetic individuals, reading this, afflicted with a knee-jerk reflex to parrot propaganda mindlessly, who will object to what I've written here as "Argumentum ad Hitlerum", the mere accusation of which is supposed to discredit everything I've said.

For them, I have three questions—pay attention, now.

First, exactly who do you think gains from that particular kind of censorship? Certainly not those who worry about the rise of another Hitler.

Second, what if the individual I've chosen to discuss really is like Hitler? I would think that anybody who cheerfully advocates the liquidation of a couple of billion individual human beings qualifies in that regard, especially if, as Director for Counterterrorism, they have their would-be bloodsoaked fingers on the levers of government power.

And third, of what use is our vaunted intellectual capability—let alone our memory—if we are forbidden to discuss similarities when they are there, and thereby benefit from the harsh lesson of history?

Which brings us right back around to the question of who benefits. Tomason and her low, vile, disgusting, collectivist ilk have openly announced, in effect, that they fondly aspire to outdo Hitler by at least two orders of magnitude. Maybe the thinkers, in the future, who criticize der Fuehrer, ought to be accused of Argumentum ad Tomason.

To put it another way, so even Democrats understand, your leaders want, as their highest priority (they say this over and over again, in interview after interview), to become mass murderers on a scale unprecedented in human history. They are proud of it and discuss it freely. (Search for "Agenda 21".) We must scour our culture of such scum, expose them for what they are, and let an outraged history judge them.

Obama must be publicly embarrassed into firing Tomason the way he did Van Jones, but with extreme prejudice. Then we must remove every trace of the murderous U.N. from America. Let's start with everyone currently running for President. Any connection at all with the U.N. ought to be enough to finish their careers as a candidate or anything else.

Otherwise those killed at Buchenwald will have died for nothing.

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