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Number 632, August 14, 2011

"Planned and controlled genocide"—
She wants you dead!

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Are YOU as sick of idiots as I am??
by Neale Osborn

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

If I ran my finances like our government runs our country's finances, I'd be in jail. We've got a Democratic majority that failed for over 800 days to pass a budget even when they had a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate and a Democratic president.

We've got Republicans who promise to shrink the debt, then accept half-assed deals that do nothing to reduce our debt, allow for two thousand billion dollars in new debt (that's Two Trillion Dollars, People—more than our entire GDP for a year!!) to "save our economy" while costing us our TripleA bond rating for the first time since 1917. We kept this rating through WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Jimmy Carter's recession, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and it only took Obama 2.5 years to destroy it.

The rating organization, S&P, told us what we needed to do to keep it—Cut, Cap, and Balance (which passed the House, yet Harry the asshole Reid refused to allow on the floor of the Senate for a Senate vote) fit the exact requirements, and we decided not to try. In April, Tim Geithner swore that our AAA rating was in no danger at all, and 4 months later it's gone. So tell me, why the hell do we keep putting these lying scumbags back in office???

I'm tired of lielingual politicians. Oh, what's lielingual?? My good friend Al, known to some here as Crazy Al, coined this phrase. Here's his definition. "He is lielingual, the guy is fluently mendacious in several languages."

Now, I'm sure I'll here the usual crap about "It's not Obama's fault, Bush did it." Bullshit. Democrats and Republicans worked together to fuck this country, and only the TEA Party people are even trying a little to fix our problems. The problem is too many idiots calling the terrorists for trying to fix our economy.

I fully expect the very people who support Obama or the Republicans to get pissy and try to suppress this article, but someone has to say it. It's time to get rid of Democrats and Republicans and get some fresh blood in the game. The TEA Party is a good start, but I want Libertarians to get it going, too. I'm sick and tired of the so-called leadership of the Libertarian Party nominating moderates, idiots, and borderline fascists (like our last nomination for President). The regular members need to remember who we are and what we want and nominate a person who'll go for broke to get it. Stop compromising principles to get something. Hell, the Democrats are making a career of proposing nearly nothing, then blaming the Republicans for "Not compromising with us." Let's not tolerate that. No compromise with those destroying this country no matter what party they belong to. If they support raising our debt—Boot 'Em Out! If they support increasing entitlements—Boot 'Em Out! If they support increasing budgets for military adventures—Boot 'Em Out! If they support socialized ___________—(Fill in the blank with whatever floats your boat) Boot 'Em Out! If they support any limits on any Constitutional right—Boot 'Em Out! Anyone who supports any victim disarmament law (formerly and falsely known as a gun control law) Boot 'Em Out!

It's time that We, The People took our responsibility to control our government seriously. Voting Democrat or Republican because "My Great Grandaddy, my Grandaddy, and my Daddy did, and so will I!" is the sign of an idiot. Neither side is on the side of the little people, and they prove it every day. There isn't one of them that hasn't got their snout in the trough, and slurping down the swill of their corporate masters or their union masters or both.

End corporate welfare, individual welfare, political welfare, and any other welfare program there is. End Social Security within 10 years for anyone not already on it or within 10 years of it. End Medicare the same way. End Medicaid for any new entrants, and phase it out for those on it currently. Close US military bases around the world. End foreign aid to ALL countries. Use reciprocal trade laws (meaning treat all imports the same way the country that exports them treats our exports) on all imports. Eliminate all public service unions. Eliminate all laws that force businesses to accept unionization. Remove "baseline budgeting" from the public sector. Cut all spending by 50% immediately, and by another 25% within 5 years. Accept no budget that does not cut spending, or that adds even one red cent to the national debt. Go back to the Gold Standard, requiring that ALL official currency Must have a tangible good backing it up—gold, silver, oil, land—something with tangible value!

Well, I think I better copy this before I publish it, because I see a lot of anger coming my way. And this article is not going away!

NOTE: This article was just published by me to NewsVine. Methinks it'll start a shitstorm. I'm currently wrapped in Scottissue for protection. Feel free to publish part or all of this anywhere you want, just remember to credit Al with "Lielingual"!

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