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"Planned and controlled genocide"—
She wants you dead!

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Like Herding Cats
Sinister Observations into Libertarian Snobbery
by Lucifer Geraldo

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I'm going to take time out from the discussion of the resistance to air a little gripe. It's a prejudice I'm running into across the board and it's starting to bring out the scrapper in me. I embrace the tenets of libertarian ideology fully, probably to an extreme that makes the middle-of-the-roaders gnash their teeth in abject horror. That's okay. It only demonstrates that I have chosen my nom de plume with laser-focused foresight.

I'm going to go out on a limb and call what I am a libertine-libertarian. Sexuality holds a key to liberation that the rank and file seem to have little insight into. For the greatest tyranny we as a species must overcome is the tyranny of our own neurology and conditioning. And sex is the atomic weapons system that can blast that construct right out of our souls. I'm not talking plain vanilla missionary sex for procreation. I'm talking about the kind of sex that has been driven underground for centuries, the stuff that topples States and church hierarchies -- because the end product of these "sinister" mechanations is anything but a good little xombie Republicrat. Their eyes are wide open and they won't be bamboozled anymore. These are the kinds of fire that got Adam and Eve thrown out of the Garden of Ignorance. In the occultist circles, these technologies are all run up the flag pole under the general banner called sex magick.

Yeah, I'm one of those and we are going to go there. Buckle up, Bones. This is the road less traveled.

Okay, as a little background to this discussion, my talk of the resistance and how to conduct a resistance has not been well received by a lot of libertarians. I guess they think this kind of talk is unnecessary in this day and age with Homeland Insecurity gunning for anything smacking of revolutionary rhetoric. On the contrary, the times we live in underline the absolute need for this discussion. These control freaks we are engaging are not going to back down from their agenda. They literally want to herd us all into concentration camps and then proceed with the orderly annihilation of the bulk of the human race. That statement is no exaggeration. Alex Jones is spot on correct in his assessment of the danger we are all in right now.

My discussion thus far has emphasized that the resistance doesn't have to go kinetic. We can defuse these cannibals without shots being fired. Okay? Please reread the above sentence until it's import sinks through all your bad conditioning. I am not advocating full-scale guerrilla operations at this time. BUT I am advocating that we prepare to go there. Like we say in the military, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So all you peaceniks better get chummy with your Second Amendment because if we have to go there, you won't be caught flat-footed looking like a retarded deer in the headlights.

Now back to the gripes, bitches, and complaints department. I've submitted all of my articles to some of the best libertarian websites out there, like, and all I get in reply is the cone of silence treatment. The Libertarian Enterprise ( is the only site out there I know of that gives this discussion the time of day. Of course, TLE is a little more in-your-face than Lew Rockwell will ever be and I only wish TLE had the kind of following that LRC does. TLE's belligerent stance is much more suited to my temperment. If we were to follow the non-aggression principle to the letter, and return bald-faced aggression with counter-aggression, I have to say the crimes of the emerging global State has crossed the line warranting armed retaliation thousands of times over already. Yet the xombie masses continue to take it on the chin. The ability of the American people to roll over and lick boots astounds me. Our predecessors would be ashamed.

As a result of my exposure on TLE, I've had a small handful of libbers contact me about my material. A few emails went back and forth. And then I sent the email that outlined my true feelings on the subject of universal human Liberty and the sources of my inspiration for feeling the way I do and that was it. I became the degenerate uncle nobody wants to acknowledge as being part of the family.

Just what is it about my ideas that elicit such knee-jerk reactions? It probably has something to do with my increasing embrace of what in the realms of occultism is called the left hand path (LHP) and my recognition that there is more to the universally hated figure of Aleister Crowley than meets the eye. Now, to the diehard conspiracy theorists out there, Uncle Al is notoriously tarred and feathered as being a veritable ringleader in the organizations we struggle against the most.

Love him or hate him, that man's ideas have had an impact on the unfolding of the current era that cannot be denied. My first exposure to Aleister Crowley and his methods came from probably one of the most humane and intelligent human beings ever to pen a book in the 20th and 21st Centuries. His name was Robert Anton Wilson. He's no longer with us unfortunately. I wish he could have hung on long enough to see the final stakes being driven through the hearts of the control freaks once and for all. Robert Anton Wilson wrote a biographical book about his life investigating high strangeness and his personal work performing the curriculum of attainment left behind by Aleister Crowley.

This book was called Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret Of The Illuminati. [Volume 1 Volume 2 & Volume 3 at] I recommend to the Crowley bashers that they read this book immediately. But they won't. Their dogmas are too deeply entrenched to risk the calamity of Wilson's experiences.

Here's my problem with the claims of the Crowley bashers. If we are to accept their claims as gospel, then Crowley was literally the incarnation of Satan himself and anyone who would tread his path should come out the other side being an amoral, child murdering psychopath with delusions of godhood. Yet Robert Anton Wilson came out the other side as exactly the opposite: a humanity loving, tyrant-hating right-wing libertarian. So something isn't right in Belfast. Either the bashers really don't know what they're talking about, or Robert Anton Wilson is the most gifted liar in recent memory.

I'm opting on the outlook that the bashers don't know what they're talking about. There is a horrific story that Wilson relates at the end of the book about the death of his beloved daughter. It is heart wrenching in the extreme. His daughter Luna was brutally murdered and beaten to death by street thugs in a convenience store robbery. This is the nightmare of all parents who possess a pulse and unbounded love of their own offspring. Yet he chose not to react the way all of us would, to pull a Charles Bronson and seek the bloody destruction of the animals that did this to his daughter. I have to admit that if this befell my own son, I am not evolved enough to do as Wilson did, I would have opted on the Charles Bronson Death Wish course of action. Wilson was deep into his Crowley experiments at the time, doing tantric breathwork to open his heart chakra and he used these techniques to find a forgiveness that most hypocritical Christians will never know.

Reading of this incident has left a mark on my psyche that won't go away. And an increasing suspicion that all the organized religions of the world are a conspiracy against the neurological liberation of humanity. The key, it would seem, to that doorway being opened is sex.

So there really is a reason why sex is the most heavily sanctioned, and regulated with taboos, of all the human activities that there are. Crowley was wise to this. His life's work was his melding of the occultism of the West with the occultism of the East (Hermetic Ceremonial Magick with Tantric Sexual Magick). To those reading this that wonder about the above spelling, Crowley added the 'k' at the end of the word to differentiate it from the mere stage misdirection and tricks of the conventional magicians making rabbits appear out of top hats. Crowley, was among other things, a very gifted amateur scientist. His definition of magick reflects this: "The art and science of causing change in comformity to Will."

Indeed, this insight into sex as cosmic trigger for the next phase of human development was the core conclusion of Wilson's book. It is a theme he ran with and expounded upon further in his book Prometheus Rising. Read that one, too. Your nervous system will never be the same again.

So now you know a little more about me and my thinking and what inspires my love of the libertarian ideal. It ain't that Old Time Religion.

And because of that, I am ostracized as a heretic among reputed heretics. That's what I call Libertarian Snobbery. This turn-your-nose-up at a brother-in-arms behavior is at the core of what ultimately keeps the libertarian message in the closet, out of circulation to the general clods of the public. You see, the key to success of any mass-based undertaking, to include the resistance, is organization. Large groups of individuals have to find a way to band together under one common agreed upon goal and work in unison to the achievement of that goal, or the movement is going to splinter and degenerate into squabbling pockets fighting each other instead of the common enemy. And that is the current ground truth of the libertarian movement as a whole. Squabbling pockets of zealots refusing to work together because every tenet of minutae of each individual interpretation isn't adhered to dogmatically by the common effort so therefore these individuals can't work together until everybody else sees it like they do.

Horseshit. This is the single reason why the Republicrats continue beat the snot out of the libbers when it comes to winning the masses. Republicrats know how to organize. They know how to set aside minor differences of philosophy in order to reach a commonly agreed upon goal. Libertarians are like trying to herd cats. God love 'em. Their individuality is so pronounced that anything smacking of organized political action is viewed as selling out to the Borg collective.

Well, newsflash, the hour is too late in the game now to continue to stand on this counter-productive line in the sand. We need to organize. We need to organize now. If we don't stand together, we'll burn in the ovens separately.

So what do we all have in common here? Liberty, right? What is that? The best definition I've seen is "Freedom with responsibility." The flip side of that is nothing more than what the New World Order is pursuing. Freedom for the most brutal, the biggest savage takes all and everybody else takes it in the ass.

I think we can all agree upon an agenda that revolves around a core doctrine of individual supremacy with responsibility. Would you agree that every man and every woman owns their own body and the fruits of the labors which they employ their bodies in? Would you agree that every man and every woman has the right to be left alone, to not participate -- even when the supermajority thinks differently? Would you agree that all men and women have the right to think their own thoughts, worship or not worship their god(s) as they see fit, without interference or sanction from those who would do things differently? Aleister Crowley summed these ideas up brilliantly with the phrase: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Go to my website and check out my piece discussing what I call Aleister Crowley's Bill of Rights known as Liber Oz. I dare any libertarian to be in disagreement with anything revealed there.

Which now brings us to the bedrock of my convictions thus far. This is the part where I'm going to get the tar and feathering by email. It should be amusing. Time to talk about that method of enlightenment called the left hand path. Like Christianity or any other quasi-religious ideology, the LHP has as many flavors and interpretations out there as the next. But I'm interested in absolutes. Not the dogmas that differentiate but the commonalities which bind. And when you strip away all the black candles, horned cowls, and inverted pentagrams from the popular motif of what the LHP is all about, you will find one universal theorem stringing them all together in unity. This is the belief that the INDIVIDUAL is the most supreme unit in the material cosmos. The goal of the LHP is self-deification. It is the perfection of the individual so that when the mortal body passes away into death and decay, the individual soul lives on as an autonomous, divine being. The LHP does not surrender this individual identity with death, it seeks to preserve it forever as divinity.

On the other hand (pun intended), the right hand path is a corpus of thought which looks upon the individual as an abomination, as something which must be overcome and washed away before true enlightenment can be attained. The right hand path religions in the world currently dominate the planet. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism are all united in this common theme that the individual identity is bad. And before wo/man can become righteous, s/he must subordinate hir individual sense of self to union and dissolution into the totality of the Godhead.

So in looking at it like this we can make these distinctions: left hand path spirituality is extreme individualism and right hand path spirituality is spiritual collectivism. The collective in this case is the requirement to dissolve your individual identity into the collective identity of God.

I think what really scares my more timid libertarian colleagues is my increasing suspicion that we owe a great amount of our own founding philosophies and indeed most of what is held up as libertarian theory more to the left hand path than we do the right. This is just too much for most to chew on in one sitting.

Again, I have chosen my nom de plume most appropriately. So I wish to conclude with the offering of alms. You in the Liberty movement have nothing to fear from the type of society I long to see established once and for all on planet earth. It isn't the New World Order. What I long to see in my lifetime is the first stirrings of a roaring culture of Liberty, a voluntary society rid once and for all of that nefarious instrument of "civilization" called the State. A true culture of Liberty has room for all of us to live together without infringing upon each other. And that needs to be the unifying theme we organize around to make things happen. The message of unconditional Liberty includes EVERYBODY who would live their lives free from coercion. Which brings me to share another Crowley phrase most appropriate here: "The word of sin is RESTRICTION."

We are at war with restriction and those who would presume to restrict us. Don't lose sight of that. Out here.

Libertas vel Oblivio
Res ipsa loquitor

Lucifer Geraldo is the pen name of a former Army green beret now off the reservation. His websites are and

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