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Democide Is Painless
(The Feature Article)

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Number 632, August 14, 2011
"Planned and controlled genocide"—
She wants you dead!

Four more... wars.
Four more... wars.
by Rex May

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Letters to the Editor
from Crazy Al, Bo Fredricsson, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, A.X. Perez, and Second Amendment Foundation via L. Neil Smith

Democide Is Painless
by L. Neil Smith
Meet Ilse Koch, the so-called "Beast of Buchenwald", wife of Karl Otto Koch, Kommandant of that notorious slaughterhouse, and later of Majdanek in Poland. When we were little boys, growing up in the shadow of World War II, my classmates and I, as little boys will, tried to make each other shudder over the gory details of the woman's sadistic cruelties to Jewish concentration camp prisoners. Most infamously, she is the one accused of making lampshades from the preserved skin of her murdered victims. It's said she preferred sections with interesting tattoos.

The Right Kind of Support
by Kent McManigal
They say "no man is an island", and that we all need other people for support. Especially when things go wrong. Sometimes it helps to have the right kind of support.

Review of L. Neil Smith's new novel Sweeter Than Wine
by Rex F. May
I don t like vampire novels. I don t even like vampire stories. Never did. They lack verisimilitude if vampires have to bite people frequently, and the people they bite turn into vampires, why aren t we all vampires by now? And what s the deal with sunlight? And the garlic and the wooden stake? That all sounds like superstition. So to me, vampires belong in the realm of fantasy, not in science fiction at all, and, for the most part, I don t enjoy fantasy very much. Now, there are some exceptions I like Terry Pratchett s Discworld vampires, because the story is humorous, like all his stuff. But most vampire stories are dead serious, with all kinds of gothic, fifteen-year-old-girl orientation Twilight is nothing new, just a continuation of the old pattern. Same old same old rape fantasies porn for teeny-boppers.

Please help Lt. Dan Choi
by Brian Sonenstein
I have some troubling news about Don't Ask, Don't Tell activist Lt. Dan Choi. Dan currently faces up to 6 months in prison for protesting DADT in front of the White House. He will be the first person in nearly a century to be put on trial over an arcane law written for and last used to silence important women suffragists. But apparently that wasn't enough for the Obama administration to vent their frustration with him.

Sweeter Than Wine, the new novel by L. Neil Smith
by Neale Osborn
Having a friend who is also an excellent author is a great thing. Among other advantages, sometimes you get to read books that aren't out yet. This is one of those times. L. Neil Smith, 4 time Prometheus Award Winning Libertarian author, has written a novel unlike anything he's written before. Fans of Neil's works are used to lots of political discussions on the various benefits of a Libertarian capitalist society, individual liberties, and strong protagonists who do what needs doing when others are busy either debating what to do or waiting for the government to do it for them. This one is a bit different. The protagonist is a vampire. An ETHICAL vampire, but a vampire, nonetheless.

Revisiting Meade
by DataPacRat
Jacksonians, Jeffersonians, Hamiltonians, Wilsonians—the idea isn't new, but looking at it from certain perspectives can still offer new insights.

Are YOU as sick of idiots as I am??
by Neale Osborn
If I ran MY finances like our government runs our country's finances, I'd be in jail. We've got a Democratic majority that failed for over 800 days to pass a budget even when they had a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate AND a Democratic president.

Like Herding Cats
Sinister Observations into Libertarian Snobbery

by Lucifer Geraldo
I'm going to take time out from the discussion of the resistance to air a little gripe. It's a prejudice I'm running into across the board and it's starting to bring out the scrapper in me. I embrace the tenets of libertarian ideology fully, probably to an extreme that makes the middle-of-the-roaders gnash their teeth in abject horror. That's okay. It only demonstrates that I have chosen my nom de plume with laser-focused foresight.

Ghosts of the State
by Jim Davidson
How is state busting akin to ghost busting? In both cases, you are dealing with matters more feared than fearful. I should like to address the ghostly aspects of the state in this note.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 138
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 138 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!


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