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Number 635, September 4, 2011

"The people who benefit from the
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Mutual Aid in Action
by Shaun Lee

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

I had the honor to help a beautiful family maneuver through the corrupt system in Massachusetts known as The Department of Children and Families. The following is an account of that by the grandmother I worked with from the moment she was sent my way until her granddaughters were back where they belonged, with their mother.

"About year ago, the fight of my life started when DCF (Department of Children and Families) took my two granddaughters from their mom. This event was the saddest and most frustrating time of my life. I was lost, never having dealt with anything like this before. I had no idea what or how to get my babies back home safe....That's when I found a post on Facebook from CopBlock regarding an incident in the area.

"I did not hesitate. I found the guys' names that were involved with this incident. I got in touch with activist Pete Eyre who listened to my story and said he could help me by connecting me with other activists and that is what he did. He directed me to Shaun Lee "our family's angel." Shaun listened to my story and helped me throughout the fight. She always guided me in the right direction to save my grandkids and through the help of Pete, Shaun, and other activists I was able to maintain my sanity. They helped me to fight the fight and not be scared anymore. I was able to stand my ground and always knew I had someone to listen and guide me along the lonely corrupt path of DCF kidnapping my granddaughters. A year later... my grandkids are back with mom and we are living our lives."

The absolute beauty in this situation is that the granddaughters are with mom, and now grandmother is fighting back. She has taken the lead in her town to protest the corrupt DCF organization which victimized her family.

Mutual Aid activates people into the freedom movement. People that are helped see first hand their own victimization, and eventually come to conclude that there are many people like themselves that did not have the support they did. They seek to help others and do what they can to awaken others to their plight.

I have watched Helen organize protests and scour boards to find others in a position similar to hers. I have seen her reach out to these people and help them they way in which she was helped. The full circle of healing, helping, and reaching out I witnessed was nothing short of astounding.

I am proud to be a member of mutual aid and proud to witness these miracles. Won't you join us?

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