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"Due process gets in the way of kidnapping
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Mutual Aid Response Team Mid-September Update
by Dawn Unsilencedbyman Eckel

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

I am writing this brief essay at the request of my good friend Jim Davidson and University Association of the Individual Sovereign University. Before I get started on the updates, I would like to express a warm thank you to each and every individual that has helped others along the way. We're becoming contagious and more people are reaching out to one another and it an amazing step forward!

Below I have touched on a few "projects" that have taken place within our Mutual Aid Response Team, and apologize in advance if I have left anyone or anything out. Also note, if you have interest in a particular case or situation we are helping with, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.

Terri Trippe, is residing with family in Canton, Georgia. Terri has also worked on a hardship plea to ask the court to reduce her $3,000 remaining probation costs, with Jim Davidson, and we're working to support her emotionally. I spoke with her on the phone this evening and she has made an amazing change in her life for the positive, and would be even more enriched by our positive reinforcement and emotional support. I was blessed and touched by her compassion and she was more concerned with us helping her nephew in need, than her own circumstances.

We spread the word and need to keep spreading the word on Terri's Nephew, Dakota Price. Details of the help he needs can be found at

I spoke with, Lafaye Glenn today on the phone, and we had a wonderful conversation. I did learn not much has changed, and she once again has to return to court tomorrow, for yet another "calendar call" (14 September 2011). These calendar calls, as the court refers to are stressful and dragging out the situation and helping no one but the unjust system, hoping she misses one so she would risk losing her bond through revocation. To this day, her public pretender refuses to do any work for her, has failed to subpoena any witnesses on her behalf, and actually had the nerve to try and have her do that for him. He is not adequately representing her in accordance with the law. Also on a positive note Lafaye has her vehicle going and insurance thanks to help from Jim. Let's keep encouraging her to fight on.

Darryl Adkins had a small victory in a bigger battle to come. He was left on personal recognizance bond after his public pretender finally did what he was obligated to do, and fought against the prosecution's attempt to have him re-incarcerated or under supervised house arrest. His final pre-trial hearing is November 4,201 and we are hoping charges will be dropped. If not, jury selection will begin on November 14, 2011.

The situation with Bernard von NotHaus seems to have reached a plateau since our last report. The last we heard was that federal persecutors plan to seize and confiscate any Liberty Dollar silver pieces based on the conviction of Bernard in federal court. Bernard continues to focus on appealing his case in federal appeals court.

Schaeffer Cox continues to seek justice in his case in Alaska. I am still working on retrieving more updates on his case and will post and update to this when acquired. For further information on the case that is available, please see Jim Davidson's recent TLE essay on Schaeffer's case.

Lori Remp continues to seek help with her situation, getting herself and daughters into a better situation. She still has furniture for sale, and is working to change the situation. She is a wonderful lady and we need to keep encouraging her, as we are with others to keep their chin up and not lose hope. This has been hard for her and she has shared her story with us before. She like others, need us to share encouragement and spread their stories, if they permit, and work together to get them they help they need.

I have not heard any updates on Kris Bailey and his run in with the law over his "electric cab" incident in the Austin, Texas area. I did send him an email and asked he get back with me, so I can pass along, with his permission any details.

Roberta Byrne Simonsen continues to be ill and still fights as hard as she can to keep herself afloat in financial hard times. She was an inspiration when I spoke with her last. Despite no good response from the chip-in as the majority of us are struggling financially, she was very positive and uplifting, and focusing on what she could to to help others while also helping herself She is still home schooling her sons. Roberta has offered a number of her personal property items for sale, including some lovely silver-plated goblets and items of rare watch manufacture. If you are interested, please check with her to see if they are still for sale.

Our friend Shanna had difficulties with her car. She got the majority fixed. However she will need tires rotated soon and bearings on the passenger side now. I have arranged to get her tires rotated if she cannot. Thank you, to those that helped her this month replacing the driver's side wheel bearings. Shanna has been a blessing in helping with our affiliates spread the word about us.

The Bradley Manning rally and vigil for Saturday 29 October 2011 in Leavenworth, Kansas, to be followed by a costume party at a hotel near KCI is still on.

Sandra Ami is still battling with the father of her sons. She is being deprived her right to speak with them. Her husband has refused to return them and informed her that she will have to "Take him to court". Our heartfelt support needs to be here for her. I am awaiting further details and updates from her.

Our friend, Ron Helwig in NH is in need of a car, and had a Norinko/Mac 90 (AK-47) for sale, to help fund a car for himself. We were able to make contact with a buyer in Texas for Ron's rifle.

Our friend Luke McKellar was abused earlier this week by the cops and his story is posted on the mutual aid group page. Bogus Misdemeanor charges relating to loud music in his own home. The police invasion of his domicile took place through his back yard.

Cindy Norton, one of our newest members is offering free pots, pans, and silverware to anyone in need free as a gesture to help since she is downsizing and wanted to know if anyone could benefit.

Nathan Goodman reported to Jim Davidson that: "An account has been set up for Dane Hall's medical expenses (the person who was brutally beaten within inches from death in downtown Salt Lake City explicitly for being "queer"). Please go to any Zions Bank branch and make a deposit to the "Dane Hall Fund" or call Zions Bank at 801-524-4972."

Jim Davidson shared information with our group on how to a "How To" for members to use the Freedom of Information Act, or—FOIA. FOIA can be used to retrieve records and documents from any level of government, with some exceptions. Here is that link.

Julian Heicklen is currently serving 145 day for handing FIJA material out, on public property, outside an Orlando courthouse. A call flood was requested, and calls were made on his behalf. No word yet on updates.

Earlier last week someone posted about Elizabeth Moorman and her incarceration on 100K bond. I am still researching more information. Until we are able to get more, I did find out that we can send letters of encouragement to her at the following address, and below that is the list of the "mail fascists regulations";

The mailing address for inmate mail is:
Inmate's full name
Anoka County Jail
325 E Jackson St
Anoka, MN 55303

Letters or packages arriving "postage due" or "C.O.D." will not be accepted. Mail containing materials and information that is prohibited by jail policy, detrimental to facility security, public safety and the orderly operation of the facility is not allowed. Examples of prohibited items would include but not be limited to: Instructions on the manufacturing of homemade weapons, bombs, explosives or escape materials; Instructions on the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages; Instructions on how to defeat locks and restraint devices; no magazines, newspapers photographs of nutdity or subscriptions of any sort. Post cards, letters or greeting cards treated with or containing a foreign substance. Examples of a foreign substance would include, but not be limited to glitter, stickers, perfume etc. Mail describing or encouraging activities which may lead to the use of physical violence; Plans to commit illegal activities; Plans to violate jail regulations or other written instructions; or Mail written in code.

So much for free speech.

Gail Schumacher was having difficulty with her truck. A document was created sharing her story with details about Gail's location or truck repair estimates, yet. But I wanted to be sure to post here so people could be aware. She is still battling with Child abductive Services.

Petre Danae Wilso shared with us information of a Texan willing to assist victims of the fires relocate farm animals to areas not at risk of fire. The Gentleman had offered land space and grazing areas. What a humanitarian gesture. Kudos.

Hempfest is this weekend in Kansas City North. Details will be posted later for those wishing to attend.

Our friend Lafaye Glenn wrote recently, "Thank you, to all of you in this group for everything It really helps me, to know there are people who still care in this world."

Much Love and Peace to all of you, my extended family. ~Namaste~

Dawn Eckel is an author and blogger, as well as a stringer for United Press. Her frequent contributions to the University Association of Individual Sovereign University appear in the Facebook group for Mutual Aid Response Teams.

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