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They Disrobe Judges, Don't They?
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Number 637, September 18, 2011
"Due process gets in the way of kidnapping
and torturing their perceived enemies"

She's NOT Obama!
She's NOT Obama!
by Rex May


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Elsewhere in this issue, you'll discover an article of mine about the federal government's ecofascistic attacks on the Gibson Guitar Company.

My average non-musician reader may think this issue isn't very important, and perhaps I am a bit prejudiced: I've been a musician longer than I've been a libertarian. As nearly as I can recall, I started learning to play the ukulele, my first stringed instrument, the summer before the school year (1962) in which I first read Atlas Shrugged.

So this is an issue I feel close to and, perhaps because of the passion involved, I left out one or two points that could prove to be important.

The first is that the loonies in the agency that's been unleashed by what historians will refer to someday as the Barack Insane Obama Administration, want to make their ban on importing "endangered" woods retroactive—meaning they might just come around wearing ski masks and black Kevlar, carrying automatic rifles and recordings of Nancy Sinatra's greatest hit, to collect the ancient Washburn your great grandmother brought west with her in a covered wagon, and throw you in prison.

The second is good news: this could be the issue that breaks the camel's back, unites gun-toting rednecks in flyover country with urban hillbillies who work at Starbucks and major in the humanities. They, and everybody in between them, either play guitars themselves or listen to them. For every M1A or FN-FAL or M16 variant out there, you can bet your granny's dentures there's a Gibson or a Martin or a Fender.

Third, under the heading of what to do, our first objective—the topic we must bring up every time—is abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency, not just whistling in relief when we make them back off on this one point. Even the ecocrazies who want to stop developers from building new homes for families or constructing dams to prevent floods, store water, and provide recreation, will cheerfully murder every snail darter on the planet and uproot every furbish lousewort, if saving them requires tearing the bridges and fingerboards off their guitars.

So—and remember you heard it here first—act locally, think musically.

L. Neil Smith, Publisher and Senior Columnist
L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

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They Disrobe Judges, Don't They?
by L. Neil Smith
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Belvin Perry, a judge of some kind in the city of Orlando, county of Orange, state of utter and complete lunacy. Belvin not only thinks he knows more about the law than the average individual—which is almost certainly not true these days—but the Founding Fathers, who wrote the law in the first place, as well.

Freedom before Football: Boycott the NFL
by Doug Newman
To paraphrase the 1978 tune "Dreadlock Holiday" by 10cc: I don't like sports, I love them. Even if you are not into sports, this still pertains to you. It is about what you value. What are your priorities? Will you trade your birthright as an American for a few hours of entertainment pottage?

"This Machine Kills Fascists"
by L. Neil Smith
Here's a little puzzle for you to solve, employing, as the great detective Nero Wolfe used to say, your intelligence guided by your experience. On a wall in my living room, hangs a Gibson J-50, a large-bodied acoustic guitar, commonly referred to as a "dreadnought", of a kind often associated with bluegrass and folk music. It's an excellent instrument, deep-voiced and full-throated. I bought it from a friend for use in solo performances and as a band leader. It was the best guitar I could afford at the time. I wrote more songs on it than I can recollect, and it was my constant musical companion for almost forty years.

A Long-expected Parley
by Madison MacBear
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sovereigns and Sentients! Please forgive this long-overdue rebuttal to Sov. Geraldo's post on Sex and Magick. I was engaged in furious cogitations as to the increase of my economic wherewithal. But now I have gained a breathing space, that I may answer Sov. Geraldo with the detail and respect he deserves.

The Conspirator
A Mini-Review by L. Neil Smith
I've just finished watching The Conspirator, an historic drama directed by Robert Redford about the trial—an unconstitutional military tribunal—of Mary Surratt and several others accused of conspiring to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch
Reviewed by John Walker
Were it possible to communicate with the shades of departed geniuses, I suspect Richard Feynman would be dismayed at the prospect of a distinguished theoretical physicist committing phil-oss-o-phy in public, while Karl Popper would be pumping his fist in exultation and shouting "Yes!". This is a challenging book and, at almost 500 pages in the print edition, a rather long one, but it is a masterpiece well worthy of the investment in reading it, and then, after an interval to let its implications sink in, reading it again because there is so much here that you're unlikely to appreciate it all in a single reading.

Mutual Aid Response Team Mid-September Update
by Dawn Unsilencedbyman Eckel
I am writing this brief essay at the request of my good friend Jim Davidson and University Association of the Individual Sovereign University. Before I get started on the updates, I would like to express a warm thank you to each and every individual that has helped others along the way. We're becoming contagious and more people are reaching out to one another and it an amazing step forward!

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 143
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 143 of a weekly cartoon series.

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UN Agenda 21
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