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Number 638, September 25, 2011

"Call it a game of chicken on a global scale."

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Imperialism is a Paper Money Tiger The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

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Old Chairman Mao once opined that "Imperialism... is a paper tiger," in order to emphasise his lack of fear of an American invasion of mainland China. He wasn't often right about much but he was more accurate than he knew when he coined that phrase, for we have recently been witness to the invasion and occupation of Libya, inter alia.

How, you might wonder, can the apparently successful latest imperial "mission accomplished" be evidence of the weakness of the Anglo-American empire? Well, like all things, we can only understand it if we examine its actual cause(s) and ignore the usual agitprop about how allegedly concerned Obomber is for the health and safety of the people of Libya. And what do we find when we look past the lies of the MSM, the unofficial mouthpieces of the various ministries of misinformation?

Get this: apparently Moammar Gadfly was in the process of organising a group of (primarily African) oil producing nations to demand payment for their exports in gold. The significance of this scheme is that the U$ government has been able to demand that the price of oil be pegged to the U$ dollar since the end of the Second World War. Now that the U$A has spent all its former gold reserves to finance its various imperial wars and depredations, the only commodity of any real value which still backs up its fiat currency (paper "money") is oil. Fort Knox is as empty as Obomber's promises, folks.

That fact not only explains why there is so much well-organised resistance to the development of alternate energy sources (such as tidal, geothermal, and wind power, to name but three) but also the NWO empire's need to install a puppet regime in Libya. For if nations can demand the sale of their commodities—especially oil—in a hard currency of any kind, then the collapse of the U$ dollar is guaranteed because there is nothing behind it except, ironically, the Chinese manufacturing industry which holds huge amounts of the worthless paper as "payment" for its goods. And as soon as they can figure out a way to do it, the capitalist commissars of China are going to call in the markers they hold on the U$A.

I call that ironic because the paper tiger that Chairman Mao once mocked has become a paper money tiger. And the further irony in that lies in the fact that the U$A is now waging wars to prop up the worthless currency it prints to pay for... here it comes... its wars!

The only hope for the U$ economy and, therefor, the future of the American people, is the election of a president who will both eliminate the Federal Reserve and its printing press destruction of the American dollar and put an end to the otherwise endless imperial wars. At present the U$A has a paper tiger by the tail and it dare not let go. Without the election of Ron Paul as president, there is little hope for either a restoration of the American economy, the rule of law under the US Constitution, or any chance of this century becoming an era of...

...Peace and Liberty.

Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles, is a nasty old curmudgeon who lives to torment the God damned nation-state, feminazis, mercantilists, Darwinians, warmongers, socialists, global warmites, vegans, abortionists, animal rights nutsos, and the "politically correct" of all stripes. He is not a nice man, and you wouldn't want him for a neighbour—at least, that's what his mother says, and she should know. If something he writes upsets you, he won't care; on the contrary, he'll feel that he has succeeded in his efforts.

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