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Number 639, October 2, 2011

"9/11 was a private sector crime."

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9/11: Even If the Official Story Is True, the Official Response Is Still Wrong
by Doug Newman

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

I am going to assume, for the sake of this article, that 9/11 happened exactly according to the official story. Even if this story is entirely true, the official response has still been totally wrong, as have been the oft-repeated clichés of those who believe the official story.

Some examples:

1. The terrorists hate us for our freedom. Even in 2001, America had the world's highest incarceration rate. Were we that free? They far more likely hate us for our invasions, occupations, coups, bombings, sanctions and the resulting deaths. You reap what you sow. And when you throw your weight around militarily the way America does, it is inevitable that a goodly number of people will hate you.

2. 9/11 was an act of war. There was no invading army, no naval armada in New York Harbor, no aerial bombing raids by a terrorist Luftwaffe and no jihad jarheads staging amphibious assaults on Battery Park. It was a private sector crime.

3. 9/11 was grounds for war. If 19 Americans went overseas and committed some horrific crime, would that justify war on America? The proper, moral, constitutional response was a Letter of Marque and Reprisal, i.e. a warrant to pursue the specific perpetrators. Since it is wrong for foreigners to kill innocent Americans, how can it be "right" for Americans to kill innocent foreigners?

4. Radical Islam is at war with us. Islam is a decentralized religion with no pope or Vatican. It has numerous sects. Militarily and politically, it has no Berlin, Tokyo or Moscow. A football team with six quarterbacks on the field wouldn't score very often.

5. 9/11 was an attack on our freedom. The 19 hijackers are dead. You cannot take over a country, impose Shari'a law, convert everyone to Islam, make everyone speak Arabic and force Sports Illustrated to do a burqa issue when you are ... I am going to say this one more time for those of you in Rio Linda ... DEAD!!!!!!

6. Islam's stated goal is world conquest. I, Douglas Frazier Newman, hereby state that my goal is to be the winning pitcher in Game 7 of this fall's World Series. So much for stated goals. It has been several centuries since a Muslim country conquered a non-Muslim country. Yes, the Caliphate had military triumphs centuries ago. Lots of countries that you have never heard of have been world powers. Mongolia was once the mightiest empire on earth. Empires always collapse. The Muslim world lost its imperial mojo a long time ago.

7. If we don't fight the terrorists over there, we will fight them over here. After the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, Ronald Reagan brought the surviving marines home. Was he a "cut-and-run liberal?" Did the terrorists "follow us here?" Have terrorists ever followed imperialists home?

8. If we oust the current rulers of these countries and install new ones, we will spread freedom and they won't hate us anymore. We ousted Saddam and oversaw the implementation of a new constitution which states in Article 2: "Islam is the official religion of the State and it is a fundamental source of legislation." And they are still shooting and killing American troops. And why have we not invaded the most Islamofascist state of all: Saudi Arabia? It was home to 15 of the 19 hijackers. There are no elections, opposition press or rights for women. Christians are ruthlessly persecuted. Beheading and amputation are accepted forms of punishment.

9. If Al-Qaeda wins, it is lights out for western civilization. Let me get this straight: a few thousand gangbangers who have no ships, planes, tanks or even uniforms are going to defeat a nation with an $800 billion military budget, 300 ships, thousands of planes, tanks and nuclear warheads as well as 300 million firearms in private hands.

10. We need a Department of Homeland Security to keep us safe. Weren't the world's largest military and intelligence establishments enough to stop 19 guys with box cutters? Can't 300 million firearms in private hands protect us from a few thousand gangbangers?

Note the USMC window sticker. Semper Fi to this guy.

11. We cannot allow people to carry guns on board planes. Any fool knows that you don't bring a knife to a gunfight. My .357 versus your box cutter: guess who wins.

12. We need to profile Arabs as potential terrorists. While we are at it, let's profile unmarried men as potential violent criminals. After all, they have a greater history of violence than any other demographic in America. On second thought, let's not. I am an unmarried man. It is always easy to say that your government should "do something" ... to someone else.

13. We need to torture terrorists to get them to talk. Jesse Ventura once said that if you give him Dick Cheney and a water board, it would be just minutes before Cheney would confess to murdering Sharon Tate.

14. Terror suspects should not have the rights of other suspects. I hereby accuse you, reader, of being a terrorist. Your rights to defend yourself will be subject to the whims of prosecutors and media pimps. What goes around comes around.

15. We have to give up some freedoms in the interest of security. Why not give up all freedom and have total security? North Korea doesn't have a terrorism problem. (It doesn't have an immigration problem either.)

16. We need to have ourselves—and our children—photographed naked and sexually assaulted to stop terrorism. If terrorists really wanted to kill a lot of people and disrupt aviation, they wouldn't go to the trouble of smuggling bombs onto planes. They would set off bombs in terminals. Where? In those serpentine lines entering the little North Koreas we have established at airports to keep us safe and free. When? In a coordinated series of attacks on the day before Thanksgiving.

Why go to all the trouble of smuggling a bomb onto a plane when you
can kill far more people right here before you enter "security"?

And why stop with airports? Why not also do this at train stations, bus stations, stadiums, shopping malls, grocery stores and schools? I mean, like, you never know where they will strike next.

17. If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. In a nation with 2 million laws on the books, how do you know you are not breaking some law somewhere?

Do you know with absolute certitude that you are in total compliance
with every jot and tittle contained within these tomes?

18. 9/11 changed everything. We need the Constitution and Bill of Rights more than ever in times of crisis. In these times, governments are most likely to tighten the screws on liberty and people are most likely to panic and surrender this liberty.

19. America is an exceptional nation. Says who? There is a God and He is not going to extend any blessing or protection to a nation that aborts a million babies each year.

20. We are giving up some freedom now, but we will get it back later. The German people gave up their freedom in 1933. They got it back in 1945.

21. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Didn't they sing this song in Germany in 1933?

And my favorite:

22. In order to preserve freedom, we have to give up some freedoms. Let us now fornicate in the name of virginity.

Posted on October 1, 2011 by Food for the Thinkers Doug Newman is a New Jersey native who has lived near Denver, Colorado since 1995. He blogs from a Christian and libertarian perspective here and here. He works in sales to support his punditry habit.
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