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Flash Editorials October 29, 2011
by Russell D. Longcore

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

International: Blowback... also known as "unintended consequences"... sucks. The provisional government leaders of Libya announced that going forward, they will be forming a new government based upon Islamic Sharia law. The Obama Administration has been crowing like a rooster about how they look forward to democratic government in the new Libya. NATO forces... which is Washington wearing a mask... plotted the overthrow of Libya and lit up Gaddafi military troops as support for the overthrow. But Libya is all about tribes, and tribalism and democracy never mix. Libya wants the kind of sharia state that Saudi Arabia has, not what Washington is offering. While Libya's choice may be questionable, their complete rejection of DC and Western "civilization" is not.

International II: Holders of Greek sovereign debt will see 50% of it evaporate into thin air in the most recent European Union bailout plan. That Germany agreed to this tells the rest of the EU that they can go bust at will. There is a lot of this story we're not seeing.

The Nation: Obama announced the Iraq troop withdrawal last week. Stunningly, the Republican candidates Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Cain ALL criticized Barry, saying that we should maintain a military force in Iraq indefinitely. Bachmann suggested that Iraq reimburse us for the invasion and occupation. Let's see. A local gang breaks into your house, throws you out, kills some of your children, and then presents you with a bill for their trouble. Listen, all of you asshole candidates. There is no way to positively spin a nine-year undeclared war that cost over $800 BILLION, over 4,400 American lives, over 32,000 wounded and millions of dead Iraqis. You have absolutely no morals nor conscience. Ron Paul is cheerfully excluded from this rant.

The Nation II: Jim Dick Perry, the Guvna of Texas, has gone on record in support of a flat tax as his presidential candidate economic platform. The flat tax is a stupid idea, even though it is a better idea than what America has now in the income tax. All it basically does is lower the nominal rate for individuals, maintaining most of the present deductions. The act of taxing a population is supposed to be neutral, not rewarding or penalizing any particular behavior, but simply raising money for government to do its work. The most equitable tax of all is the simple sales tax. With a sales tax, everybody pays. No deductions of any kind. No subsidies for low income earners. No tax on investments. Everybody from little Tommy buying his watermelon-flavored bubble gum to the wealthiest persons pays the sales tax and pays the same rate. And the rate should not be designed to be revenue-neutral to the present level of taxation, since the present tax abomination and government spending is so wildly whacked. I'm thinking that the Federal sales tax rate should start at about 8%, with a maximum of 10% if needed. And that's all they should get. Of course, this will never be enacted on a 50-state scale. But it will work just dandy in a seceded state.

The Nation III: I have good news and bad news. Republican House Whip Eric Cantor announced the working schedule for the Republican Congress for 2012. They will be on the floor of the House of Representatives a total of 112 days next year. Last time I checked, there were 52 weeks with five business days, totaling 260 possible work days, not deducting Federal holidays. House members will only work TWO five-day weeks that YEAR, one in September and one in October. Most of the remaining weeks that year, it's a couple days, or three, or four... some weeks none at all. So the bad news is that your Congressional representative will be mostly focused on getting re-elected in 2012 and will spend little time passing laws. The good news is that your Congressional representative will be mostly focused on getting re-elected in 2012 and will spend little time passing laws.

Religion: Magician Penn Gillette of Penn & Teller has come up with the Ten Commandments for Atheists. CLICK HERE TO READ THE LIST.

Business: Radio giant Clear Channel Communications (owns 850 radio stations) axed bunches of on-air and off-air employees nationwide this week in another effort to slash costs and find profitability. Shrugging under $20 billion in debt, they keep looking for that mix of local programs and syndication that will get them profitable again. No way in hell they'll ever qualify for a bailout, since they have been huge Republican donors over the years. "Too big to fail" might mean the breakup of Clear Channel, and it couldn't happen to a more ruthless and deserving company.

Economy: 402,000 people filed new unemployment claims last week. I can't leave this alone. You do realize that every 2 ½ weeks, one million people file new claims? This has been occurring steadily now for SIX MONTHS!!!

Sports: The Texas Rangers St. Louis Cardinals are the World Champion baseball team for 2012. I hear that game six was a real barn-burner. Congrats, Rangers Cardinals!!

Entertainment: In the Landing on your Feet Department, bad boy Charlie Sheen will be back in a sitcom soon. The FX Channel has acquired the rights to the movie "Anger Management" and will turn it into a new vehicle for Sheen to shine. But will it "win?"

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