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Number 642, October 30, 2011

"Socialism is only a lame attempt to make stealing appear respectable.
That's all it ever was, all it is now, and all it ever will be."4

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Review the Bidding
by A.X. Perez

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Having spent my last several submissions to TLE excoriating AG Eric Holder and others for their part in Operation Gunwalker it seems I've neglected to criticize the Mexican government. While I have no desire to mess around in Mexican politics, I thought it would be useful to point out how Mexico's rulers have tyrannically misused their power and thus created the sorry mess across the Border.

First and foremost they have engaged in political corruption. For decades every election was rigged so that the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, in English, the Institutional Revolutionary Party) was the guaranteed winner. Ballot boxes were blatantly stuffed, graveyard ballots were common, and patronage was used liberally to buy off all possible opposition. Even trade unions became adjuncts of the PRI in its heyday.

Police depend on bribes to survive. They are underpaid and regularly accept payola to buy the food they need to feed their families. While those with integrity had to be threatened with plata o plomo ( silver or lead, take the bribe or get shot), too many Mexican police were used to taking bribes, it was easy to take the Cartels' money. especially if it was to help the pinche gringos commit suicide with heroin and cocaine.

Many of the police killed by narcotraficantes and their sicarios were killed for supporting rival gangs, not because they couldn't be bought. Other police, local, state and Federal were involved in kidnap for profit schemes, used sweeps for drug dealers as an excuse to seize people's money as possible drug profits (can you say civil forfeiture?), and robbed raped and murdered the factory girls and prostitutes of Juarez, hiding their victims in the Stats of the drug wars.

The leader of the Sinaloa Cartel is kin by marriage of President Calderon of Mexico. The Sinaloa Cartel received more of the weapons smuggled to Mexico through Gunwalker than the other gangs. In all of this the Mexican people are all but forbidden to own firearms and subjest to criminal persecution and prosecution if they forcefully resist the acts of criminals.

And this is what those who think of themselves as The United States political leaders want for us. That mess is what Eric Holder and friends got involved in when they tried to get clever with Operation Fast and Furious. they should have remembered the movie line, "When you dance with the Devil, he doesn't change, you do."

Then again maybe that's a warning that should be extended the cartels about dealing with America's AG.

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