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The Loss of a Friend
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Number 644, November 13, 2011
"Who do you trust more, somebody who will tell you the
truth, no matter how unpleasant it may turn out to be,
or somebody willing to lie to you to keep you happy?
Better make up your mind—if you haven't already—
because we have a lot of unpleasant truths to deal
with, if we want to save America."

Not broken
Not Broken
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Sometime in the early 1960s, I described the European Common Market—a predecessor to the European Union—as "the people of Europe pooling their incompetence". I should have made that the governments of Europe. Still, it appears that this view was essentially correct, and that I may soon be able to chalk up another successful prediction, possibly my earliest*, when the EU is dissolved, probably some time next year. Don't be fooled by attempts between now and then to drag at least some of the bits back together. The center—nor the edges—cannot hold.

There's a reason for this you're not likely to see anywhere else, and it contains a lesson—and a dire warning—for the United States of America. It is this: the 6,000 year old Age of Authority, as I say in another place in this issue of TLE, is drawing to a close, due principally, I think, to a 90 degree reorientation of communications on this planet, among this species. Until relatively recently, most communications flowed from the top down, tolling bells, shouted commands, edicts and proclamations—and what passed for the news—handed down from on high to the peasants below. Horizontal communications between the peasants were of little or no importance.

Today, thanks to the New Media—primarily the Internet—it is horizontal communication between and among ordinary people that are important, while vertical communications are increasingly disregarded. The elites in every nation-state on Earth hate this, and scheme constantly to reverse it, but it can't be done, and their days at the top are numbered.

Here's the point: clumping obsolete political and social forms together, as with the UN and the EU, piling them higher and deeper, will only hasten their demise. The United States will last longer, but only if it repairs the structure that knit it all together in the first place: the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In Europe, documents like this are a joke, and that's exactly what nation-states themselves are in the process of becoming.

Destroy the Constitution, convert the Bill of Rights to mulch, and there's no reason left to hold things togther. The states—in fact, the counties—will be better off on their own.

Just now there's an extra-Constitutional "Super Committee" hard at work, pooling American incompetence. We suggest instead, reducing government to what's constitutionally permissable and reducing taxes and regulations, ultimately to nothing, which will give people a reason to hold the nation-state together for a little longer.

If that's what we really want.

L. Neil Smith Publisher and Senior Columnist L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

*At about the same time, I also predicted that England would someday petition for statehood—and be rejected.

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The Loss of a Friend
by L. Neil Smith
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