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Number 645, November 20, 2011

"Someone used to say we have two political parties in
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A Little Note to NPR
by Rich Matarese

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

A little feedback to NPR, dropped down the deepest well in the world. No likelihood of ever hearign a splash, but what the hell.

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On the Saturday morning (19 November) edition of NPR's Weekend Edition item titled "Political Events Pull Eyes to Iowa", guest host Linda Wertheimer squirmed to evade mentioning that in the most recent Iowa polling, Dr. Ron Paul had evoked a positive response statistically equivalent to that of the current leader, Herman Cain.

I quote her: "The polls still show this to be a volatile race. One this week puts Herman Cain in first, despite all his troubles, Mitt Romney is quite a ways back in third...."

NPR's Don Gonyea interpolates: "...but fourth place here is 'Can't Decide,' ahead of Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann AND Newt Gingrich."

Whereupon Ms. Wertheimer skips along to discuss "the campaigning itself."

How nice. A complete and deliberate NPR "blank out" when it comes to mentioning how Ron Paul had scored a close second in the poll.

Look, everybody knows that NPR hates Dr. Paul's guts, and wants NOTHING he advocates to be given any air time whatsoever, or any serious consideration to be given to his continually growing popular appeal.

He's GOT to be obliterated as "isolationist" and "kooky" and "unelectable."

But NPR is failing.

If—no, WHEN—he wins the Iowa caucuses, are you going to blank THEM out, too?

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