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Number 648, December 11, 2011

"What westerners should do is encourage the development
of a healthy secular culture in the middle east."

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Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Rann Fox

Another Letter from A.X. Perez


Operation Fast and Furious is an act of war against the people and Constitution of the United States. Is it possible that the newspapers, magazines and broadcast journalists are so afraid to admit this is going on? Combined with the evil Senate Bill 1867 it becomes obvious that most of our "leaders" in the US government have forgotten and in fact hate the idea of the United States as a free nation. I don't want to believe this myself. Hopefully our mainstream media will find the courage to face this and publish about it. May He make it so.

A.X. Perez

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I just cannot believe it. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people are peacefully protesting and the Gubber'ment AND the News Networks (a writer once called them "Blabs" it fits) act like it is nothing! Or worst, resort to violence to break them up! I talkin to you LAPD for one. Are they brain dead?

There is a old saying "A society that does not know its history is doomed to repeat it's mistakes..." (sorry I cant remember who said that). Being an old hippy has a few advantages and one of them is remembering the VietNam war protests. They did not start out violent, but when they were ignored it got nasty. And that was only the tip of the iceberg! Our society was heavily influenced by the whole conflict and the failings of the Gubber'ment. Do they not see the same thing happening again?

And while I support the American dream of getting rich, the 1% has forgotten who got them there. I'd like to see one of those white collar federalist do a honest days work in this economy. In a book by Mr. L. Neil Smith (a shameless plug for a great Libertarian), the federalist believed that all of us 99%'ers are only there to make them money! Hell, even the crazy movies are on the same bandwagon, see "Ironman". We are supposed to plug along, collecting our miserable salaries and never complain how the 1%'ers are getting richer with there Gubber'ment handouts and tax breaks.

The time has come to make some hard choices, are we to continue to to try to bubble gum and bailing wire a system that DOES NOT WORK? Or do we try something completely different, that might just mean the best for the most like Libertarianism!

I dont know about the rest of you but I'm scared about our Gubber'ment, things are going from bad to worst and a person that is trying to make a living is being kicked and screwed left and right. WHAT CAN WE DO?

Rann Fox

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Camel Humping Son of a Motherless Goat

So it seems that that under Eric Holder the US Department of justice systematically armed the Mexican drug cartels through the BATFE and laundered their money in an equally systematic manner. Either the man is a criminal in the pay of the Sinaloa Cartel (the main beneficiary of these actions), he is abusing his authority to make private war on Mexico, or he gives stupidity and incompetence a bad name.

Either way it's time to give him and his croniesthe boot and very likely to send them to prison under both American and Mexican law. Only because he has promised to veto the NDAA will I give his boss slack, but if this promise is broken or becomes moot President Obama's continued support of this camel humping son of a motherless goat is to me an impeachable offense.

A.X. Perez

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