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"A century of incompetent, irrational, murderous foreign policy"

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Flash Editorials December 31, 2011
by Russell D. Longcore

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Special/Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

The Nation: The mainstream media all have their panties in wads because Texas Congressman Ron Paul is surging in Iowa polling. Even in polls that are unfriendly, with carefully crafted poll questions, Doctor Paul is at the top of the list of Republicans. The GOP bosses cannot abide this, and will do whatever it takes to derail Paul's candidacy. As I have said previously, if Ron Paul continues defying the power brokers and winning, he had better stay out of airplanes between now and November 2012. The power elite have no compunction about arranging an airplane crash to look like an accident. Ask John F. Kennedy, Jr. or Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone or Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald. Oh, wait. They died in highly suspicious plane crashes.

The Nation II In San Francisco, a group of strippers donated $20,000 to a local firefighter's toy program. Of course, they had to deliver the donation in a garbage bag since it was 20,000 one-dollar bills. (just a joke. The girls presented a check)

International: This one's kind a blend of national and international. Remember seeing the news stories of the last of the American military personnel leaving Iraq last week? Well that was just eye candy. The largest American embassy on the planet is in Baghdad, and who do you suppose is guarding it? Mercenaries! Or, "security contractors," as they like to be known. There are still thousands of "mercs" on the ground in Iraq. But America's perception is that the troops came home. Washington is incapable of telling the truth in any subject.

International II: Another blend. Washington announced that it is selling Saudi Arabia $30 BILLION worth of upgraded F-15 fighter jets. Think about this. Boeing delivered the first F-15s in 1972. So DC is selling fighter jets of a 40 year-old design to our buddies in the sandbox. Just how many planes in this deal is not known. Does Saudi Arabia have any enemies? Can't think of any. But you do realize that this has little to do with Saudi security concerns and is primarily a planes-for-oil deal. I wonder if either side feels like they got a good deal? Arabs love to haggle, and Americans don't.

Business: First, big banks announce that they are going to assess fees for using debit cards. Then this week Verizon announced that they planned to charge their own customers a $2.00 fee to pay their bills online. When the customers howled loudly enough, both banks and Verizon cancelled their plans. Even though the free market ain't free anymore, it still speaks. Would to God that Washington listened to taxpayers like business listens to its customers. What's the difference? The number one difference is violence. Government gets its money from you with a gun in your ribs. Businesses have to compete.

Economy: The new unemployment claims jumped back up to 381,000 this week. Last week Washington and the media were crowing that a two-week drop in new claims was the beginning of a trend. You didn't hear dick about the increase this week, did you?

Sports: The college football bowl games have gotten entirely out of hand. This year, there are 35 bowl games between December 17th and January 9th. Have you seen the hilarious sponsorships for these mediocre matchups? Some of my favorites are: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, R+L Carriers Bowl (a trucking company), The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (signage by the yard), Beef O'Brady Bowl, Belk Bowl (department store), Valero Alamo Bowl (chain of gas stations), Mieneke Bowl (auto repair shops), MAACO Bowl (body shop chain), Bowl (webhosting company), Kraft Bowl (mac 'n cheese)... and my favorite, the Gator Bowl. When I was a kid, there were the Cotton, Sugar and Rose Bowls, and they all were played on New Year's Day. Those were the days.

Entertainment: Pop singer Katy Perry and British stringy-haired not-funny beanpole Russell Brand have announced that they are ending their barely-one-year marriage. Brand is the one who actually filed for the divorce. This is a perfect example of the inherent downside in a life of pursuing women. What do you do once you inadvertently catch one? Kind of like a dog that chases cars. Actually, they are divorcing for religious reasons. Brand thought he was God and Katy didn't.

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