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Political Geometry: A Lesson for the Media
(The Feature Article)

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Number 652, January 8, 2012
"The old-fashioned, traditional, right-left
spectrum doesn't work as a description of the
political world around us, and it never did."

Down With Power front cover
Down With Power front cover
by L. Neil Smith
Publication Date January 20, 2012
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When I was taking one of my anthropology courses (or maybe it was psychology) in college, the story was told about a group of Navajo men who were given a trip to Chicago, under a New Deal government grant, so they could have a good time while scientists watched them having it.

They did everything any regular tourist might do in the City of the Big Shoulders, seeing the aquarium, the planetarium, Marshall Fields' giant department store, and so on. When they got back to the reservation, they were interviewed about their trip. Shockingly, not a solitary one of them seemed to have noticed the single noisiest, most ubiquitous attraction in the whole city, the famous elevated railway, or "El". None of the gentlemen had any impression or memory of it at all.

The scientists eventually concluded that the Navajos more or less didn't see or hear the elevated railway, because it was so far outside their lifelong frame of experience. It's said that Pacific islanders or Australian Aborigines killed and ate Captain Cook for much the same reason.

I'm not sure about the Navajos in Chicago—they may have been pulling the scientists' legs—I've heard they liked to do that; I hope they still do—but I'm pretty much convinced that a similar phenomenon explains why establishment media fail to see Presidential candidate Ron Paul when he's standing right in front of them. So "embedded" are they with the government, sharing its tunnel vision, that Ron might as well be invisible to them: a serious candidate who wants to abolish the income tax and the IRS? You've got to be kidding!

It's a theory, anyway.

If you enjoy "Political Geometry", my essay on the so-called political spectrum in this issue of L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise, there are a couple of things you can do. First of all, please pass this essay on, especially to local news media who, Dr. Paul has shown us, are definitely in need of some sort of reality therapy.

Second, please get a copy and read my 2001 novel The American Zone, which concerns itself with the same subject, only in an action story about refugees from our world and others like it, encountering unexpected difficulties with the task of owning their own lives in the North American Confederacy, and where the points of the political diamond are represented by various characters Win Bear has to deal with.


L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
L.Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise


I'm all drugged-up on various chemicals my Doc gave me to try and let me live through the pain of this back/shoulder injured muscle. Turns out sitting at my desk doing TLE was making it not heal but instead get worse. I'm trying various things to help, but I find working rather naturally makes me tense-up, which not what I need right now. Just goes to show ya, there's always something! But the World needs TLE, so I answer the call. I hope you will do something to advance the cause of liberty today!

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Political Geometry: A Lesson for the Media
by L. Neil Smith
Like me, you may have noticed a lot of confusion, lately—some of it genuine, most of it pretty transparently affected—with regard to exactly where, on the traditional right-left political spectrum, Congressman, physician, and 1988-2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul fits.

Libertarian Law: The "Even If" Principle
by DataPacRat
One of the trickier lessons of liberty is that it's opponents aren't always complete idiots. If an authoritarian tries to pass a law increasing their authority at the expense of civil liberties, it would be so much easier to oppose if such a naked power-grab was the only justification for it. Unfortunately, any such law that has a chance of being passed, and thus needs to be fought against, will also come along with some appealing justification for it, such as promoting decency, providing security for the homeland, or the perennial favorite, protecting the children. Most often, those who support the law really do believe that they're trying to do good.

Flash Editorials January 7, 2012
by Russell D. Longcore
The time for Secession is coming to your neighborhood very soon. Read on. The Nation: The theater production called the Iowa Caucuses is over, with Romney winning by an eyelash over Rick "No Chance in Hell" Santorum. The vote tabulation was done in an undisclosed location, not in easy view of voters and vote watchers. Even though I suspect massive vote fraud, Ron Paul still got over 21%. The neocon leadership had been openly announcing for two weeks that they would not allow Ron Paul to win Iowa. They weren't lying.

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