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Number 656, February 5, 2012

"It's always been a police just never noticed."

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Prefer Liberty with Reply from L. Neil Smith

Letter from A.X. Perez with reply from Richard D. Bartucci

Apposite Quote

"It's always been a police state ... you just never noticed."

L. Neil Smith

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Re: "I Want My Future Back" by L. Neil Smith

> In the past few years, I have come, extremely reluctantly, to the
> unwelcome conclusion that the one and only way to control the
> government is to *become* the government.

That depends on how you define the word "government":

If by government you mean "an organization which helps defend you from murderers, rapists, and thieves", then, yes.

If by government you mean "an organization which IS murderers, rapists, and thieves", then, no.

What you are teaching with your vote for Ron Paul message is that you believe "when it actually matters", "in the most dire circumstances", people must be forced at gunpoint to come together in collectivism to produce a result that cannot be achieved voluntarily. No propagandist for China, Russia, or Germany could have said it more clearly.

President Andrew Jackson closed the central bank and reduced the national debt to zero; later legislators put it all back. Congressman Ron Paul believes that "legislators" should exist who have the power to take out loans backed by victims called "taxpayers" as collateral. No, I don't consent to debt slavery. Find a stupider victim.

> If there is an election this November (and I have some serious
> doubts on that score)

Even the USSR had elections. In Soviet USSR there was one candidate and one platform. Soviet America even more insulting, have multiple candidates but one platform. Sometimes candidates (Bush, Kerry) were fraternity brothers in college. Sometimes brother (Bush) wins when brother (Jeb) count votes; daddy former head of secret police. Candidates Goldwater, Perot, and Paul allowed to campaign but of course never allowed to win, ha-ha. Kennedy brothers removed after they started drifting Libertarian, challenge central bank and secret police organization.

Prefer Liberty

To which L. Neil Smith replied:

Okay, "Prefer Liberty", you have my permission to do nothing in the face of what's happening all around us. We'll discuss who was right in the FEMA camps, if we have time before we're taken to the showers.

Be aware, though, that with rare exception, try as I will, I can't seem to muster up much respect for anyone who's afraid to hang their real name out in public. Unlike my enemies—and my weaker allies—I won't scuttle for the baseboards when they turn the light on.

L. Neil Smith

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Was that worth reading?
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Yah, sure

Congressional Democrats have released a report exhonorating Eric Holder from all responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious. Isn't that kinda like the Republicans releasing a report exhonorating Nixon for Watergate?

A.X. Perez

To which Richard D. Bartucci replied:

All should be advised that since they rammed Obamacare up the national cloaca in spite of the vehement and enraged opposition of their own core constituencies to prove that there's nothing "democratic" about 'em, the criminal conspiracy passing itself off as "Democrats" is now officially known as the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP), and the elected officials adherent to that faction are henceforth to be described as "National Socialists."

Next from the Congressional National Socialists - in the spirit of this announcement on Operation Fast and Furious - is their determination to legislate the value of "π" (pi) equal to 3.0000 in all mathematical calculations henceforth.

Their Republican colleagues are expected to hold out for a minimum standard of compromise that would ensure "π" a decimal equivalence of 3.10 in a conservative regard for traditional values.

I expect the Republicans to be roundly defeated in the U.S. Senate.

Richard D. Bartucci

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Was that worth reading?
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