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Number 656, February 5, 2012

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Flash Editorials February 3, 2012
by Russell D. Longcore

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

The Nation: Mitt Romney won big in Florida. Then he got an endorsement from Donald Trump. Exhilaration followed by faux excitement. If you saw the press conference in which Mitt accepted the ho-hum endorsement of The Donald, you surely must have noticed the vacant smile on Mitt's face. It was embarrassing for both men. Kind of like having your drunk crazy uncle give you a long toast at your wedding.

The Nation II US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that Israel was going to attack Iran later this spring. Somebody that still has some sense in DC... if such a person exists... had better tell the SecDef that Iran has some friends who won't take too kindly to air strikes in Iran or boots on the ground. That would be Russia, India and China. Surely, Washington doesn't think they and Israel can get away with this. World War III, here we come. My guess is that in the diplomatic back-channels, China will quietly explain to Mr. Obama that if DC or Tel Aviv go ahead with military attacks, China will dump a few hundred Billion in US Treasuries into the bond market and crash the market. That move would effectively destroy the Dollar and America would be over, as well as Israel. That's The Art of War... the Sun Tzu way.

International: Microsoft founder Bill Gates, computer genius, is a moron about giving away his fortune. Being supportive of ending disease and increasing food supplies worldwide sounds like a good thing. But he pushes vaccinations and genetically modified seeds all over the world. Most vaccinations are full of thimerosol, a deadly toxin that causes autism. And GMO seeds produce modified food, and study after study have shown that the food is not good for any mammals, including humans. GMO seeds have been banned by China for import. Gates' foundation is tied to Monsanto and Cargill, both in the GMO business, and also tied to Big Pharma like Merck, which pushes the dangerous drug Gardisil.

International II: I read a story this week by a writer that was horrified that children in the African nation Ivory Coast are forced to work in the cocoa fields like slaves. Does this mean that we'll soon see "conflict chocolate", like the politically correct "conflict diamonds?" And, since women are the ones who receive most of the diamonds and chocolate, don't look for female outrage over this issue.

Business: Facebook is going to do an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its stock very soon. The company expects to raise about $5 Billion, which would make the value of the company between $75 and $100 Billion. Before you go getting all tumescent about it, you might want to read a story in The Daily Bell. Seems they are convinced that Facebook is an intelligence data-mining operation backed by the CIA and others.

Shameless Plug: Heard about SOPA yet? The Stop Online Piracy Act purports to protect intellectual property on the Internet, but critics say the bill will give the entertainment industry the power to censor your website it THEY deem that you are infringing somebody's copyright. They could actually block your domain name or Internet Protocol (IP) address. Don't expect your Congressman to read this bill. They don't read bills anymore. Bob Parsons, Founder of, took an early position in favor of SOPA. But the "free market" spoke to him, and he pulled his support. We here at are completely opposed to SOPA, and we know that the law is unconstitutional. Come see us for all your domain registry and webhosting needs.

Economy: Even in the press release at the Department of Labor, DC lies to us. The raw number of actual new unemployment claims filed during the week ending January 28 was 415,094. Then they "seasonally adjust" the number down to 367,000, which is a rounded number. I'm throwing the bullshit flag on the Department of Labor.

Sports: I hope the New York Giants win the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl event has gotten out of control. It's a circus, and this year, in the halftime show we get 12 minutes of the clown Madonna. Really? You can't do too many old hits in 12 minutes, and most adults I know don't even like her. I'll head for the kitchen when halftime starts.

Entertainment: "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert has been chosen to take Freddie Mercury's place as lead singer in the rock group "Queen." Jeez, if it's the same band that played with Freddie, they've got to be in their 60s. If Freddie were still alive he'd be 66 (born in 1946). The band was originally formed in 1971. Here's wishing Adam great success singing all their old tunes, and hopes that he doesn't die of AIDS like Freddie did.

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