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Number 657, February 12, 2012

"The goal is nothing less than totalitarian control
over the thoughts and the actions of every human being"

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Two TLE Articles in Freedom's Phoenix

I thought everybody would like to know that two articles from last Saturday's L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE were excerpted and linked to by Ernie Hancock's Freedom's Phoenix this morning.

The first is my own "Rational Defense in a World Gone Mad", an excerpt from my new book Down With Power.

The second is "Welcome to the O.D.D. People Club" by our friend Neale Osborn.

Freedom's Phoenix is a remarkable publication that appears more than once a day. It's the closest thing the freedom movement has to a daily newspaper of record, and in many ways, is better than any print publication we could with for. Go to the link below, and either scroll down or search for both of these pieces.Then sit back and enjoy the many other fascinating articles to be found in its electronic pages. If you don't already subscribe (it's free) you should do so.


L. Neil Smith

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I've just recently started watching a new TV show called Alcatraz. Produced by J.J. Abrams,who is responsible for the wonderful _Fringe_, as well as the latest Star Trek movie, which I'm forced to confess I liked very much.

The show airs weekly on FOX, but I watch it on HULU

Alcatraz is a science fiction series centered around the "real" reason the island prison was abandoned in 1963. While the only "name" performer is Sam Neill, of Jurassic Park and The Hunt For Red October, fame, it features a pair of young actors, Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia, who are extremely appealing.

By way of criticism, the show could use someone who knows something about guns. They have a guy buying a "rare" Model 70 Winchester ("I've only sold one in 10 years" the dealer says), in a San Francisco gunshop. All gun dealers were driven out of that city years ago as part of a liberal program of cultural genocide.What's more, the guy pays for the rifle in cash, without supplying any identification.


I thought I heard Joe-Bob say "Check it out!"

L. Neil Smith

[ Second the motion. Perhaps the non-existant gun dealer was meaning the rare take-down Winchester 70, which is seen frequently on TV shows even though it may not exist (is it a Sako they're using?—Editor ]

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To Whom It May Concern...

Not that it probably matters to them, but I have stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and that entire lot, because of the vile disrespect they have shown Ron Paul, the only man in the Presidential competition who is honest, decent, and actually has a clue to fixing what's wrong with this country.

I have heard I'm not the only one giving Limbaugh the bum's rush; it's said that his listenership has dropped by at least a third in the past few weeks. A lot of people have figured out who the "Doctor of Democracy" (or "Physician of Freedom") really is.

Although it's very difficult to get his program in Fort Collins, I will listen to Jerry Doyle (our old friend Michael Garibaldi) whenever I can, instead. I have heard that Michael Savage is behaving honorably in this respect, as well, but it needs confirming. Of course the great and magnificent Brian Wilson can always be trusted to do what's right.

[ includes links to an online stream—Editor ]

Meanwhile, a pox on all AINOs (Americans In Name Only).

L. Neil Smith

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A correction to my "Welcome to the O.D.D. People Club"

When I get to writing, sometimes I get my fingers ahead of my mind. And sometimes they lag behind.

In the O.D.D. People Club, I didn't catch a pretty big mistake. Fortunately, Chris Mallory did, and was kind enough to tell me. So, for the record, I actually DO know it was Patrick Henry who said "Give me liberty or give me death", NOT thomas Paine as I wrote in the article. Anyone who catches one of these errors is Not only welcome to tell me, I actually request it. Thank you, Chris.

Neale Osborn

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Re: "Welcome to the O.D.D. People Club" by Neale Osborn

The reason for the existence is of this new "diagnosis" is simple.

USC 18: 922 (g)

As soon as one is "adjudicated" "mentally ill" the BATmen & SWATzis have the go-ahead to kick in your door & take your guns.

Remember HR 2640 & its "give the .gov your medical info" purposes?

There is no other reason for such a pointless and broad "diagnosis" to exist.

It "authorizes" a politically palatable (even to to the NRA) gun-grab... because, after all, nobody wants crazies to have guns...

Bryan Potratz

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Re: "Reputations, Free Speech, and Assholery" by Ann Morgan

Some observations on the question raised by Ann Morgan:

Clearly you're entitled to make true statements about anyone, as publicly as you wish. The fact that such truth may be inconvenient to someone is their problem, not yours.

Come to think of it, you're entitled to make false statements—and be prepared to pay the consequences. ("You have an absolute and perfect right to shout 'Fire!' in a crowded theater—and to accept responsibility for the consequences."—L. Neil Smith) I'm baffled that someone would "not like this very much", at least if that someone claims to be libertarian.

An additional way to handle her hypothetical duck-killing trespasser is to remind him that trespassing with a weapon in his hands could be hazardous to his health, if he happened to do it at a time when the home-owner is at home.

Paul Koning

Was that worth reading?
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Re: "Reputations, Free Speech, and Assholery" by Ann Morgan

Very interesting questions.

Can't speak for "libertarians," of course, but I'll give you my take. In a truly free society, you can publish the truth, in any manner you wish. You might have to deal with some negative consequences as a result, however.

Your other article (Piano Thoughts ) on just compensation for an unwanted act illustrates it quite well, just from a different perspective.

However, although one has the right to behave in an obnoxious fashion, if you are technically within your rights, there are certain consequences to this. Likewise, if you prosecute or shoot someone who comes onto your property to rescue their trapped cat, do not expect, thereafter, for ANYONE to step one foot onto your property, and intervene, just because your house is on fire, or they see you collapse with a heart attack in your yard after raking leaves.

It might wind up a matter of arbitration so that you and your neighbor would have to come to an agreement over who's obnoxious behavior required compensation, perhaps.

I tend to think that, in a truly voluntary community, such ducknapping would be extremely rare and would do far more harm to the ducknapper with loss of reputation than you could possibly inflict with the ads... which might then reflect badly on you instead. But no universal "rule" would stop you from making that choice.

MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway

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Re: "Letter from Prefer Liberty with Reply from L. Neil Smith"

I didn't say I was going to do nothing, I said I wasn't going to help legitimize politics and I hoped you wouldn't either. Enormous difference. There are many possible actions; why tell me there are only the two of "get out the vote" and "do nothing"?

As for my allergy to being googled, I think I'm in good company with the anti-federalists. I certainly do plan to scuttle for the baseboards when they turn the light on, and I hope you will too. Fighting in the Warsaw ghetto was a losing plan, much better to be in America reading about it. I pretend to hear you ask, what would have happened if all the German scapegoats ran away and none of them stayed to fight? All those productive, educated, skilled, affluent small business owners...? I imagine most would still be alive today, and not supporting Germany with taxes. If they had spent 40 years getting better at scuttling, maybe by now they would not be supporting any politics with taxes. Maybe they'd be in touch over the Internet in a worldwide virtual gulch, which featured a big gold Star of David on a pedestal in their favorite vacation spot.

But no, dying bravely as an example to needle the NSDAP political party's conscience is surely better than living bravely for their families.

Prefer Liberty

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Ardath Mayhar (1930-2012)

L. Neil:

I would like to tell you about something sad that recently happened.

Ardath Mayhar, the writer who gave us the first BattleTech novel, recently died. She was 81.


In addition to science fiction, she was a writer of fantasy and western novels.

She also believed in our freedom to own firearms.

I'm going to miss her.

Adrian Chinton

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