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Number 657, February 12, 2012

"The goal is nothing less than totalitarian control
over the thoughts and the actions of every human being"

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by L.Neil Smith

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It was very interesting, recently, to watch the "JFK's Teenage Mistress" story unfold. The irretrievably corrupt and obsolete mass media pretended to be scandalized—and believed we should be, too—that the sacred martyred John Fitzgerald Kennedy used a 19-year-old intern to satisfy his sexual urges while his wife lay in the hospital, recovering from a Caesarian section that had produced a stillborn baby.

This clearly puts Kennedy in the same category as Newt Gingrich. The fact is, Kennedy was no less a power-drunken swine than any other politician, be it his brother Teddy, his successor Lyndon Johnson, or his many spiritual descendants today. And the media of his day covered up for him, for no other reason than they wanted to be included in the glittering lifestyle of Camelot-on-the-Potomac themselves: nightlife, pool parties, alcohol, drugs, and endless hoards of beautiful willing females.

Kennedy was just another powerpig, no different than all the rest, for all that he was regarded by some as uniquely handsome and charming. I could never see it, myself (although women, I suppose, might argue that I was never in a position to do so); his face always looked a little squished, to me, like Cartman on South Park. Like Barack Obama's, his eloquence was vastly overstated. (I found his accent—"Hahvahd" and "Cuber"—a hundred times as annoying as anybody else finds a Southern or a New Jersey accent; an individual that "sophisticated" should have lost it years before he hit the White House.) It was no surprise to me to discover that his books were all ghost-written.

While I'm at it—since this is one of the few times I've written about the Kennedys or ever will—allow me to offend even more of the worshippers of royalty by saying that Jackie never struck me as any great beauty. Unless they're in movies or on TV (sometimes even when they are) the womenfolk of the famous and powerful are seldom all that good looking. Diana Spencer is a fine example of that. Compared to most others of her lofty class, she was no eyesore, but I went to high school with at least fifty girls prettier than she was, and so did you.

But, as usually happens, I have digressed.

American powerpigs have bullied, coerced, maimed, murdered, and destroyed their way to wealth and power all over the world since the middle of the 19th century, beginning, of course, with their very own people in the South and the unfortunate former Siberians they found in the West. What they don't understand yet (and quite possibly never will) is that this era of bullying, coercion, maiming, murder, and destruction is about to end abruptly. The rise of the Internet (turning communications ninety degrees from vertical to lateral) and the development by Iran of their own atom bombs only hint at what lies ahead.

The Age of Authority has reached its inevitable and inexorable end. There can be no going back. But between the easy way and the hard way that history appears to be presenting us with, those who still perceive themselves to be in authority seem to be opting for the hard way.

The current Presidential powerpig competition is a case in point.

The powerpig incumbent is a shadowy figure whom none of us ever really knew, an apparent paper cutout, without antecedents or provable roots anywhere, a strange creature hand-constructed at the behest of a powerpig partnership of Marxists and mercantilists for the express purpose of destroying what little is left of the culture of freedom in America.

The media-touted powerpig opposition front-runner is a shadow, too, of the incumbent, a pale reflection in a cloudy mirror who takes the same stances the incumbent does. For all his billions, Mitt Romney is nothing more than Barack Obama in Republican drag, an echo, not a choice.

The next establishment-approved powerpig is a cold, bloodthirsty, opportunistic shape-shifter, a throwback to the Progressive Era with a penchant for experimenting with other people's lives. Newt Gingrich will do and say—and be—whatever he has to, in order to gain power.

Superficially, to those with the shallow insight of the nation's professional news distorters—leftists who imagine themselves as moderates—powerpig Rick Santorum resembles the only candidate who is honest and decent and actually knows how to fix what's wrong with America.

I believe Santorum has been kept in the race simply because the "dominant culture" believes he can draw votes away from that one good man. They are abetted by the nation's corporations, owned and operated by droolingly moronic powerpigs who, left to fend for themselves in a genuinely free market, couldn't compete with a Girl Scout lemonade stand.

Which is most likely why they have uniformed thugs shutting them down.

From day to day and week to week the competitors all shift their relative positions—first it's Gingrich in the lead, then it's Romney, then it's Santorum—with all of the believability of a professional wrestling match. The candidate who is smart, grown up, and sane, the candidate people seem to really want is almost never mentioned.

Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul.

When you boil it down, what Republicans and their enablers in the media (who favor the incumbent, which ought to tell the Republicans something) are saying is that they long, they yearn, they lust to go on injuring and killing thousands of young American men and women— or otherwise ruining their lives—and millions, if at all possible, of individuals in other countries whom they perceive to be in their way, exactly as those former Siberians and pesky Confederates once were.

Southerners were understandably upset in 1860. They were paying 80 percent of the nation's taxes at the time, and Republicans were gleefully telling them the bill would be tripled if Abe Lincoln got elected. I'd fire on Fort Sumter, too, in their position, and so would you.

But again I have digressed.

Future science (provided that there is a future) will recognize the act of seeking, struggling over, and maintaining power—what I was recently informed St. Augustine referred to as libido dominandi, the lust to control others—to be a symptom of a severe mental illness.

Given that, I wonder if any of the powerpigs, Republican or otherwise, are capable of understanding—generally, they are not inclined, either to introspection, nor to any genuine, fact-based analysis of the world around them—how dangerous a civilization can become to those on top when its populace finally recognizes that its political system is a cruel hoax, that its greatest institutions are crumbling facades, that it can offer them no relief, no hope, and that if they attempt to provide any of those things for themselves, the authorities will do anything to obstruct them, and crush them if they persist.

If you still care about America, and you believe that it might be worth fixing, that's what has to be changed—and time is running out.

L. Neil Smith is the Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, as well as the author of 33 freedom-oriented books, the most recent of which is DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis.

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