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Number 662, March 18, 2012

"The simplest fact of history and human nature is that
people really don't play well in groups.... any formally
structured group eventually—invariably—begins to
behave like a living organism, existing for its own ends."

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Letter from Richard Colwell

Letter from A.X. Perez

Hubris of History

You could perhaps get away with socialism for quite some time in some tiny podunk nation, merely because it's limited size minimizes the requisite number of analytical factors to consider in trying to centrally run things, but as the Soviet Union proves, the larger the nation, the less likely the idiots that are megolomaniac enough to seek "Authority" are going to be able to include enough pertinent details to keep things running. This Country, being the largest (and once freest) Economy in the World, should it continue deeper into the clutches of socialism, will collapse on such a grand scale that historians (those without an ax to grind) will be teaching it to pupils for thousands of years to come: "The Hubris that all your wants can be fulfilled at the expense of your neighbor, and that money can be printed out of thin air to fulfill that promise."

Richard Colwell

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Props Sought

Don't like to brag (and my nose just gut 2 inches longer) but I said (actually wrote) the following on the 9th of February 2012 regarding the upscuddle betwixt the Church of Rome (of which I am a lackadaisical adherent) and the Bureaucracy of Washington DC over picking up the tab for birth control supplies and abortions for Church employees:

Besides, think about it. If we strip the Government of the power to force people to pony up money for something they consider immoral in one case (referring to the Catholic Church), we can do it in others. Anyone object to the Big G spending their taxes on the war in Afghanistan or enforcing unconstitutional anti gun laws?

I don't recollect anyone else saying this for at least a week after me. Okay, so I'm shamelessly pandering for credit. Then again. if I wasn't the first guy saying it I was purty damn close. A leettle recognition would be nice. Not too much, about a pat on the head's worth.

Or better yet, let's work for the day no state has the power to force people to spend their money on anything they specifically don't want it spent on.

A.X. Perez [ One head-pat coming up! -- editor ]

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