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Number 662, March 18, 2012

"The simplest fact of history and human nature is that
people really don't play well in groups.... any formally
structured group eventually—invariably—begins to
behave like a living organism, existing for its own ends."

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Review of the Bidding
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.
—H.L. Mencken

Just a quick review of the bidding:

Under President Obama's watch:

Eric Holder's Justice Department Helped the Sinaloa Cartel launder several billion (that's ten to the ninth in case you use different numbering system than most Yanks do.) dollars. Also they preferentially allowed weapons to be smuggled to this crew under Operation Fast and Furious. Please note that the Mexican drug cartels are beginning to indicate who they would prefer to see winning the July national elections in Mexico.

Under Eric Holder, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ran Operation Fast and Furious, disregarding the negative results of Operation Gunrunner carried out by the Bush Administration. Please note that in Gunrunner Mexican law enforcement was kept in the loop and an effort was made to keep track of the weapons involved. Gunrunner was stopped when it was demonstrated that the weapons could not be properly tracked. On the other hand the plan in Fast and Furious was to see at what crime scenes the weapons involved turned up (in plain English, where they were dropped after a murder).

Under the most innocent circumstances Holder failed to supervise his subordinates and permitted them to carry out an operation that approaches being the Platonic archetype for dumbfuckery without his bosses knowledge. At the very worst, acting on President Obama's orders the Attorney General ordered the ATFE to permit weapons into the hands of mass murderers destabilizing the government of a friendly nation so as to gin up evidence to trash the American people's right to keep and bear arms.

The Second Amendment is only part of the Bill of Rights (albeit an amazingly important one). With recent restrictions on the right to assemble to petition the redress of grievances and trying to get religious institutions to fund activities they find sinful (sort of like Seleucids trying to turn the Temple in Jerusalem into a temple to Zeus) the Administration has essentially thrown out the First Amendment. Please note that on the first abomination against the Constitution a large number of Republicans were involved.

Republicans were also involved in the passage of NDAA 2012 which includes language authorizing the President to order the detention of anybody anywhere without charges for as long as they please thus throwing out the Fourth through Eighth Amendments plus the right of habeas corpus in the main body of the Constitution.

The Attorney General has also claimed the right of the President to order the execution of anyone anywhere without trial or any respect of rights. While I won't dispute the catch-as-catch-can nature of killing enemy soldiers and leaders in wartime, Mr. Holder is not arguing this point. He is arguing in favor of throwing out the rights of the accused of anyone the President just doesn't particularly like.

Finally, the Secretary of Defense has claimed that the President does not need a declaration of war or any other authorization by Congress to commit American forces to combat. Rather he claims he only needs license from the UN or NATO to send our nation to war. We are not talking about carrying out obligations under treaty (for example, helping South Korea fight off a North Korean invasion if the truce there fails), but the invasion of other nations who are not committing acts of invasion against the US or any of its allies. Please note that this could be interpreted as a surrender of American sovereignty to supernational bodies and the reduction of the US to a vassal state of a world state.

There are many issues that we can and do disagree with the current administration (and its predecessor and likely successor) and to be honest most of these come under the aegis of honest men reasonably disagreeing. However, The above "review of the bidding" outlines a steady discarding of the rights and liberties guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Please note that the Republicans have been just as eager as the Democrats in this destruction of the American people's freedom.

Just thought it was time to view all these on the same page.

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