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Number 663, March 25, 2012

"The system isn't broken.
It is working as it was designed to work.
The system is designed to keep the wealthy and
powerful in charge, and rolling in the dough.
The system is designed to keep you in servitude."

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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from Jim Davidson

Letter from Steve Bub

Letter from Jonathan David Morris

You cannot fix the system working within it.

Dear Editor,

I'm not opposed to Michelle Alexander and Susan Burton's proposal, mentioned in your front page commentary for Issue 662. However, it won't work to crash the system.

People should certainly refuse all plea bargains at all times, demand that the system try them, and demand a jury trial every time. However, the system has ways of making that hard on a person, by requiring pre-trial custody, by raising bail and by imposing cost of time and money in discovery. The state will hide evidence that might tend to exonerate you, because the system rewards prosecutors for convictions, not for finding out the truth.

It is not a bad idea to stand on your rights and stand up for yourself. One of the reasons I helped create a Mutual Aid Response Team and have promoted the idea to be taken up by others is because people need help when they are arrested. The university association of Individual Sovereign University helps our members to raise bail money, find legal support and pay for it, and handle other issues as they arise.

However, the system isn't going to be crashed by working within it. The system isn't broken. It is working as it was designed to work. The system is designed to keep the wealthy and powerful in charge, and rolling in the dough. The system is designed to keep you in servitude.

Suppose that hundreds of thousands of people began to demand jury trials? The state would simply make it "terrorism" to do so, and anyone who demanded a jury trial would be sent to an internment camp, or a death camp. The government has already claimed the power to assassinate any American citizen, to torture any American citizen, and to indefinitely detain without charges any American citizen.

So, don't work within the system. Get away from it, work outside of it, and stay as far from it as possible. My recommendation in terms of strategy is agorism and withdrawal from the system. I don't think confrontational strategies work.

The fact that they don't work doesn't mean that I am against the protesters. Far from it. I am so much for them that I spend much of my available money helping them. I visit Occupy camp sites and protests against fascism and against war and against caging our neighbours. I do so because too few people are against the system, and I wish to encourage them to continue to rebel, even as I ask them to reconsider their tactics and strategies.

Smashing the state is full of fail. Withdrawing is full of epic win.

Take away the resources that the state depends on, which the state takes from you in order to enslave you. You'll be wealthier and happier. They'll be harder pressed. And when their system collapses, how is that any concern of yours?


Jim Davidson

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Steve Bub

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