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Number 663, March 25, 2012

"The system isn't broken.
It is working as it was designed to work.
The system is designed to keep the wealthy and
powerful in charge, and rolling in the dough.
The system is designed to keep you in servitude."

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Fat Wealthy Prescription Drug Addict Shown to Be a Hypocrite
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Rush Limbaugh has castigated a young woman who insisted that contraception was a vital part of her health care. He called her a number of names, including slut and whore. He said that her demand that her contraceptive needs be paid by him and other taxpayers should be matched by his demand that she provide videos of herself engaged in sex acts.

Sandra Fluke correctly pointed out that contraception can be extremely important in health care. Medicines used in contraception can be vital in fighting various types of illness, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Healthy people using contraceptives can remain healthy, longer. Families using contraceptives can choose whether, and when, and how often, to have children. These are obvious facts, even a wealthy fat poltroon like Limbaugh can understand.

What of his claim that he is being forced to pay for her contraceptives? Isn't it true that Fluke, because of the prescription drug benefit generated by George W. Bush's administration, with Limbaugh's enthusiastic support, has to pay for Limbaugh's prescription drugs?

Limbaugh admitted to abusing prescription drugs in October 2003, and was arrested and charged with criminal conduct in 2006 related to this abuse. Further, he settled with prosecutors and paid $30,000 which can reasonably be described as hush money, in my opinion.

On this point of taxpayers being required to pay for contraception, if Fluke's concerns are understood by lawmakers, it has a ring of truth to it. However, it is not exactly a new thing. It was not new under Nixon, under Ford, under Reagan, under the elder Bush, nor under the two terms of the younger Bush. Socialised medicine began in 1960 (under Republican Eisenhower) with the Kerr-Mills aid amendment to the Social Security act. It was expanded with the Harris-Kefauver amendment in 1962 which turned over control of all prescription drug production to a cartel of big pharmaceutical companies kept in power by Food and Drug Administration regulations. It was extended dramatically in 1965 with the establishment of Medicare benefits. State socialist medicine has been extended again and again ever since.

So, it is not new. If Limbaugh wanted to object, he should castigate Eisenhower, or Kennedy, or LBJ, or Nixon, or Ford, or the elder or younger Bush, for their various acts. But he wants to pretend that only Obama has ever done any such thing.

It works very poorly for a great many people. It is doubtful whether this country, or any other, is going to see a free market in medicine, health care, alternative treatments for health problems, the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, and the distribution of information about herbs, medicines, and foods that have curative powers. But those many facts are neither here nor there.

In fact, Limbaugh and the taxpayers do not pay for contraceptives for Fluke, under the proposed circumstances. Rather, an insurance company, with a mandated clientèle, pays out funds to a pharmacy that Fluke visits. The insurance company is then reimbursed by the government, which gets some of its money from taxpayers, and most of its money from the Federal Reserve System of money generation, including the national debt.

To review the economic issues and the disastrous consequences for individuals would be tedious. It is sufficient to point out that Limbaugh is wrong, is a tasteless, fat, apparently lazy, and unjustly wealthy fool, and is a hypocrite, in my view.

Jim Davidson is an anti-war and pro-freedom activist. Recently, a 501c3 group with which he is affiliated was given a building in Kansas City. Jim continues to respond to requests for help with the Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team, the university association of Individual Sovereign University. He can be contacted at and His books Being Sovereign (2009) and Being Libertarian (2011) are available from major book retailers: Link for Being Sovereign, and Link for Being Libertarian

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