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Number 663, March 25, 2012

"The system isn't broken.
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The system is designed to keep the wealthy and
powerful in charge, and rolling in the dough.
The system is designed to keep you in servitude."

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Photo ID and You
by Neale Osborn

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Today, I listened to several stories about our useless Attorney General and his ridiculous attacks on Texas and South Carolina over requiring photo ID to vote. Let me be the first to say that ANY government issued photo ID is a disgusting thing to contemplate. Tolerating them is akin to tolerating a slave's collar. And yes, I have one—a driver's license. But one thing I do is make a point of refusing to supply it for anything I do not absolutely have to have. I don't drink hardly at all, in large part because I refuse to provide ID for the purchase—I'm 48, and it's pretty fucking obvious I am. But I digress (thanks, Neil).

I had to laugh today, listening to Rush Limbaugh going on about photo ID and voter fraud. HIS point was that requiring ID to vote was that it was an attempt by the Democrats to give multiple votes to one person, and to allow illegal aliens the power to vote free from fear of being caught, and that most of these votes would go to Democrats as "The champions of the little guy". Rush then went on to say that bt denying the requirement for ID to vote (ID that Texas and South carolina will provide for free, if it's not to drive), they were ALSO denying these voters the ID that will allow them to buy booze, get credit cards and bank loans, buy cigarettes, open a savings account, hell, even rent videos.

What Rush missed was far more insidious. Requiring government issued ID for all these things MAKES ALL OF US SLAVES TO THE ISSUER, WHO CAN TAKE THE ID NECESSARY TO FUNCTION IN THIS SOCIETY! We have allowed... hell, we've DEMANDED, that the government issue licenses for this and that, require ID to buy booze, cigarettes and lottery tickets, hell, even to SAVE money. We are surrendering our own sovereignty by allowing others to require the government vouch for our right to engage in everyday activities. Did you know that it's illegal to require Social Security numbers for ANYTHING not related to Social Security? It is a founding tenent of the SSI system. Yet the first thing we need to give for almost everything these days is an SSI. Banks, utility companies, credit card companies, just about everyone these days requires the SSN in order to do business with you. And we give it out. And despite the illegality of it, it is used as your identifying number (a sickening thought in and of itself) for nearly all major purchases you make these days.

Now, I'm not a fan of IDs, as I'm sure you can tell by now. But still, wouldn't one of the few places wher ID could possibly be a GOOD thing be at the voting booth? I'm sure the Democrats don't want a Republican gatting the nod with phony voters any more than the Republicans want Democrats to. Of course, voter intimidation is the next excuse for sueing Texas and South Carolina. Apparently, showing ID to vote (but not for anything else) intimidates people, and we must prevent voters being intimidated out of voting. Of course, it depends on who is doing the intimidation, who is being intimidated, and who the intimidation benefits. Remember in the last election, when the New Black Panthers had men stationed outside a Philadelphia polling place, with clubs, preventing white voters from entering the polls? Our fearless fuckwad, Eric Holder, shut down the investigation before it was completed. I bet if it had been KKK jackasses in sheets patrolling outside polling places in predominately black neighborhoods, there would have been a thorough investigation completed!! If you don't believe there was any intimidation, follow the link below.


And the last of the AGFF (Attorney General Fearless Fuckwad) Eric Holder's criminal actions is Operation Fast and Furious, and it's expansion into Operation Gunwalker. George W Bush started it, and Holder kept it going and expanded it. Waging an undeclared war against Mexico in order to justify stripping the American citizen of his/her 2nd Amendment rights is despicable AND an international war crime in addition to violating his oath of office.

Yet Texas and South carolina are the horrible criminals the US Attorney General must attack. Let's try HIM, instead. THEN we can work on getting rid of photo IDs forever!

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