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Number 663, March 25, 2012

"The system isn't broken.
It is working as it was designed to work.
The system is designed to keep the wealthy and
powerful in charge, and rolling in the dough.
The system is designed to keep you in servitude."

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Free the Slaves, Stop the Wars, End the State
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

"Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war."
—Albert Einstein
We begin on Friday 30 March with a speech by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan. You may remember that her son, Casey, was killed in the unconstitutional and undeclared war with Iraq. You may also remember that there was never any justification for that war, that Bush lied repeatedly to bring about that war, and that the people who profited from that war, the people who run companies like Lockheed, Boeing, and Halliburton, continue to profit from undeclared and unjust wars.

In a recent essay on peace, Cindy wrote, "Well, at least I can read the latest act of horror committed by my country or its adjuncts and think to myself, 'at least I didn't fund that.' How can one say he/she is against war and other atrocities, yet pay for them? And Seamus was right, withholding my money and using it for good rather than evil doesn't seem to be slowing down the war machine even a little bit, but what if conscientious war tax resistance were a movement and not a statement by just a few?"

Sheehan also blogs at her own Soap box and is expected to continue organising war tax resistance.

Free the Slaves, Stop the Wars, End the State is a two-day gathering on Friday 30 March and Saturday 31 March in Austin Texas. It is being hosted by John Bush and Catherine Bleish at their book shoppe, Brave New Books.

Friday evening Thad Crouch, "Warrior for Conscience," Thad Crouch—At the age of 18, Thad Crouch joined the United States Army as an infantry soldier to stand for freedom, democracy, human rights and security. Not long after his service, Thad discovered that during the time he spent assisting the US Army School of the Americas he'd been training "death squads" that had tortured and killed civilians. Feeling betrayed by institutions he would have killed and died for, Thad became a local leader in protest movements to fight injustice. Stop the Wars & Tax Resistance. Thad Crouch "Warrior for Conscience", conscientious objector and war tax resister.

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."
—Harriet Tubman
Freedom activists Jim Davidson and Harold Gray are scheduled to speak on Saturday. Other speakers include John Bush about freedom protests in Austin and Catherine Bleish about freedom parenting.

Davidson is an essayist whose books Being Libertarian and Being Sovereign will be on sale at the book shoppe during the event. He'll be available to autograph books. He is expected to speak on the topic of anarchism and agorism as part of an overall strategy to end the state through withdrawal.

Since 2009, Davidson has been working on a stateless education project called Individual Sovereign University. Since July 2011, that group has been organising groups throughout the United States and in other countries to provide for mutual aid response teams. So far they've helped dozens of people with bail money, probation costs, meeting financial obligations, and finding legal help to fight injustice. The group is now working on a building in Kansas City that was donated to a related group at the end of 2011. That project would establish a tool library to help local residents re-build an abandoned neighbourhood while teaching about agorism and anarchism.

Harold Gray is an author and freedom activist. Harold writes, "My focus strictly on information about the corrupt system, and those behind it, had reached a point of repetition. I was no longer learning anything new, and I was not surprised by the Orwellian headlines that came across the news wires daily. I decided to turn my focus on things I can control and pursue self-sufficiency through positive intentions. This is when I partnered back up with my friend Ben and we launched JustLive as a hub for information to get off-the-grid; mind, body and soul."

Harold will be speaking on activist strategies in media as well as protection/solidarity/security, agorist internet and going deep cover to infiltrate statist institutions to prepare for the pending domestic police drone enforcement agents. So, a modest set of topics, then.

John Bush, host of the Rise Up Radio Show on KDRP, is a founding member of Texans for Accountable Government and the Co-founder of Operation Defuse, Lone Star SMART, and Indigo Agora. He's a dedicated activist who uses creativity, consistency, and boldness to spread and further the message of liberty. His ultimate goal is the creation of a wholly free society. (One free society with the purchase of any society of equal or greater value.)

Cat Bleish is a notorious GOP delegate for Ron Paul named by the Southern Stupidity Law Centre as most likely to commit terrorist acts of love and peace. Catherine Bleish will be speaking about natural childbirth and raising free children in an unfree world. Sharing her research and personal experiences, Catherine will demonstrate why we as stewards of liberty are responsible for breaking the never-ending cycle of generational slavery.

You can support this event by please chipping in Thank you!

Jim Davidson is an anti-war and pro-freedom activist. Recently, a 501c3 group with which he is affiliated was given a building in Kansas City. Jim continues to respond to requests for help with the Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team, the university association of Individual Sovereign University. He can be contacted at and His books Being Sovereign (2009) and Being Libertarian (2011) are available from major book retailers: Link for Being Sovereign, and Link for Being Libertarian

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