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Number 664, April 1, 2012

"The glue that holds the Left together"

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Prof Kari Norgaard
Professor Kari Norgaard
(Photo Source: University of Oregon)

The Shiny New Face of Genocide
by L. Neil Smith

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Regular readers of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE will remember that, on a number of occasions, I have attempted to warn them about the plans that radical environmentalists are making—the schemes they're scheming right in front of our noses—to reshape our lives and the world we all live in, whether we want them reshaped or not.

Unlike other subjects I've chosen to write about, I've never gotten much feedback on this one, though, if I'm right, it may prove to be the most important item I've ever directed my attention—or tried to direct the attention of others—to. I'm fairly sure this lack of response is because the plans our would-be masters are making for us are very difficult to believe, utterly, outrageously fantastic, exactly like something out of bad science fiction—or Pinky and the Brain.

It would hardly be unprecedented. Back, say, in the late 1920s, what reasonable individual would ever have believed that a leader would come along, peaceably take over a major European country—a proud and principal bastion of Western Civilization since the Middle Ages—and turn mass-murder into a macabre industrial process that managed to extinguish thirteen million lives before it could be stopped?

In my articles I've written about agreements between the United Nations and American politicians of both parties to gradually abolish the concept of private property, outlawing the physical means of self-defense along the way so that property-owners can't fight back against foreign invaders or their own government, run amok. Others have written about the deliberate destruction of national sovereignty and the American economy in general by the same traitors and enemy agents. (The problem with Barack Obama is determining which one he is.)

An overwhelming majority of your own Congressional representatives—including those whom you elected during the Tea Party uprising—have voted for legislation that criminally supports these treasonous undertakings. Each of the current Presidential candidates (with one exception) belongs to an international group that supports them, as well.

Ultimately, under a United Nations program openly advertised as "Agenda 21", to which your own city government probably subscribes already, most human beings would be rounded up and forced into gigantic, crowded super-tenements, while the countryside they once inhabited is allowed to "return to nature"—except, of course, for a few "exceptionally valued" public figures, nomenklatura, who would be awarded luxurious country estates, or dachas, staffed with a selection of comely and compliant peasant boys and girls, grateful simply to be taken from the misery and squalor of the futuristic slums.

Ludwig von Mises once said that the dream of every socialist is that he or she will wind up at the top of the heap. The countryside cleared of humanity, the luxurious summer home, the hordes of pretty serfs to attend their owners' every whim, this is the guilty desire of every socialist I've ever known; it is the glue that holds the Left together.

Not satisfied with this series of crimes against humanity, its advocates, including the UN uppercrust and elite members of Obama's Administration, have publicly advocated the reduction of Earth's human population by at least ninety percent—requiring the death, by starvation, gunshot, bayonet, clubbing, biological warfare, and poison gas of 6,156,456,303 human beings—an act of "democide" or mass murder, that makes Cambodia's killing fields, Turkey's slaughter of Armenians, Stalin's forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture, Mao's "Massacre of the Landlords", the Scottish Highland Clearances, and the Nazi Holocaust itself, all seem like Sunday picnics in the park.

Now, perhaps, we have an idea what the Department of Homeland Security has in mind for the 450,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W they've just ordered—Holocaust-levels of ammunition—and why, without any legal process to back them up, they are said to have demanded that firearms dealers stop selling military ammunition—.223. 9mm, .45 ACP, so goes the rumor, and if it's true, can .30 Carbine, .308, 7.62x39, and .30-06 be very far behind?—to civilians like you and me.

See how it works: they get all the ammunition they want, at our expense, and in a political climate where they claim to have a right to kidnap or murder American civilians for any reason that takes their fancy. Meanwhile they do their damnedest to keep us from buying ammo ourselves.

At the same time, the Obama Administration has illegally prevented about a million World War II and Korean War vintage M1 carbines and rifles from being repatriated from Korea, and there are stories of a similar number of 1911A1 pistols being kept out of American hands, as well.

Obama warned us at the beginning of his ill-gotten term, that he fully intended to build his own army, equal to anything the Pentagon possesses. Now, apparently, he's got it, and is beginning to supply it, while attempting in a number of ways to deprive every man, woman, and responsible child in America of their unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon—rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything—any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission.

But once again, I have digressed.

For the enemies of individual freedom, one of the most important keys to acquiring power is the claim that an uncontrolled population of individuals, in an unregulated economy, is rapidly rendering the whole planet uninhabitable. (Some people—they believe a small but annoying minority—will resist this, which is why everyone but the government must be disarmed.) For the good of everyone, including Blessed Mother Gaia, people must be deindividualized and controlled, while industry must be tightly constrained, or better yet, shut down altogether

Never mind that there is absolutely no proof to this claim, whatever.

Never mind that each and every assertion made in its support has, sooner or later, been clearly shown to be a baldfaced, pathological lie.

Never mind that a great many of the leading academic perpetrators of this historically colossal hoax have actually been caught in the midst of their chicanery, conspiratorial e-mails they sent to their accomplices released to the world, along with one humiliating exposure after another of their crooked, shoddy, pseudoscientific "research" methods.

Never mind that they have attempted to suppress dissenting voices through intimidation and even the threat of force, whenever denial of tenure, firing, or refusal to publish scientific work to the contrary failed.

While too many have taken "climate change" to their hearts like a religion, and are unlikely to be budged by anything resembling facts, the leaders all know better. Environmentalism is a Ponzi scheme with machineguns.

Proof of that (or at least another affirmation) arrived yesterday in an article linked to by Matt Drudge on, written by's editor and writer, Paul Joseph Watson, headlined "CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTICISM A SICKNESS THAT MUST BE 'TREATED', SAYS PROFESSOR".

Kari Norgaard, an Oregon professor of sociology and environmental studies (two obviously-related disciplines—not) has decided, in her august wisdom, that doubting "anthropogenic climate change"—which she, of course, equates with racism, throwing in the leftist kitchen sink of calumny—is a "sickness" for which doubters need to be "treated".

In a paper recently given at a conference (presumably scientific) in London, she informed her audience that "cultural resistance" to accepting the premise that human beings are responsible for climate change "must be recognized and treated" as an aberrant sociological behavior.

At first I thought this conference must be in Pyongyang, where, if you didn't weep and moan loudly enough over the dead Dear Leader, you could be dragged off to jail. I believe Norgaard's outlook would go over well in North Korea, where the light of the Constitution never shines.

Naturally, Norgaard isn't the only one of these intellectually jackbooted would-be benders and shapers of humanity and the world we're forced to share with them. She's only among the latest and most outspoken. Folks think David Suzuki, Canada's answer to Mister Wizard. is warm and loveable, reminding them of Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid.

He's also the Grand Kleagle of ecofascist philosopher-thugs, going over the top a couple of years ago when he insisted something must be done—some sanction taken against—all of those nasty ingrates and malcontents who refuse the golden blessing of his profound insights.

Suzuki's a slimy, disingenuous bastard, an evil Captain Kangaroo whose very cutest trick so far is to point out an apparent lack of anti-warming articles in peer-reviewed journals, without telling you of an active conspiracy—just one of many scandals laid bare in the e-mails between climate "scientists" at the Universities of East Anglia and Pennsylvania State—not to permit such articles to be published.

Exactly like socialists who attack the free market system they've crippled with taxation and regulation, warmistas are more than happy to break both your legs and then make fun of you because you can't run.

In an article posted about a month ago on the, the headline cries out, incredibly, "DENY DENIERS THEIR RIGHT TO DENY!" It seems that, when it come to freedom of speech, liberals, progressives, or whatever they're calling themselves these days, can talk the talk but they can't walk the walk. Walking and talking at the same time appears to challenge their intellectual capacity and motor skills. Suzuki's first three paragraphs are among the worst tangles of lies, half-truths, invalid premises, and faulty reasoning I've ever seen.

Others of his ilk want academics fired, or at least denied tenure if they won't toe the line. Some ardent warmers want them arrested and jailed, others want them shot or hanged—yes, I am being perfectly serious. Back in what just may turn out to be the First Dark Ages, "dungeon, fire, and sword" weren't used only to extinguish the "faith of our fathers", whatever that may have been, but the light of reason and the eyes of science, too. Galileo was "shown the instruments" and recanted.

Thanks to heroic individuals like Marc Morano at, and growing legions of highly courageous educators like William "Bill" Gray, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, the goodguys are beginning to win the "global warming" battle. You can always tell when the badguys know they're losing: they change their names and the names of the causes they support. "Liberal" becomes "Progressive", "Global Warming" becomes "Climate Change". The more clearly people are able to see and hear these snake-oil peddlers and flim-flam artists—or their e-mails —the less persuasive they become.

But the war is far from over, and the last battlefield that must be taken is electoral politics and the Old Media, where all of the embarrassing revelations of the last three or four years are being spiked by the round-heeled press, and treated by most politicians (including three out of four leading Republicans) as if they never happened.

Supporting non-collectivist candidates is all-important, but we must be careful. The last time, we elected hundreds of politicians who betrayed us almost immediately, by trying to vote away the Bill of Rights. The one and only individual in politics I trust today is Ron Paul.

On the other hand, you can start to get the United Nations and its genocidal Agenda 21 out of America today, by getting it out of your town, where most individuals are completely unware that its many and varied tentacles have thoroughly infiltrated and subverted local politics. This repulsive phenomenon will be explored further in future editions of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, and we welcome articles and letters on the subject from our readers and colleagues.

Take a look at the picture of Kari Norgaard. Do you want her, or anybody like her, telling you or your children or your grandchildren where to live, how to live, or how long they're going to be allowed to live?

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