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Number 665, April 8, 2012

"They're a credit to Disney's Audio-Animatronics"

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Letter from David Larsen

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from I B Titter

I realize that this is late....

...but I have to admit that I was surprised! The article about the poor unfortunate progressor.... err... I mean professor. The protagonist of last weeks "The Shiny New Face of Genocide"! I thought you chaps at the "Libertarian Enterprise" were indulging in a bit of cruel April Fools day prankery at the expense of some poor unfortunate whose photo was snapped while stepping off the short bus during a day trip away from the group home. But no... April Fools joke it twas not.

Sigh....even evil seems to be mailing it in these days!

David Larsen

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Against Crony Capitalism

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Thank you very much

L. Neil Smith

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I B Titter

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