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Standing and the pursuit of felony
by Rich Matarese

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Let's see...

A candidate for public office provides a signed attestation to the explicit effect that he IS qualified to stand for election to that office. The administrative officer in each venue—state, county, municipality, whatever—isn't required by specific statute law to verify that attestation of qualification, but merely to confirm that, yeah, this particular putz did sign the paper, and it's his ass if anything on the paper is a lie.

Any private citizen in that venue, however, DOES have undeniable standing to challenge the assertion of qualification.

Not a big, honking deal. This challenge then obliges the government thug—pardon, "administrative officer"—to secure from the candidate in question proofs of qualification which are themselves subject to verification.

In Barry Soebarkah's case (he never DID undertake a legal name change back to "Barack Hussein Obama II" after he'd been adopted as "Soebarkah" by Lolo Soetoro in the Republic of Indonesia, where Barry had become an Indonesian citizen), something like a physical legal document—that "long form birth certificate," f'rinstance—issued by an authority competent to back it up will generally settle any question about the "natural born citizen" stipulation in Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

Other physical records will ALWAYS have been generated, and can also be presented to trained, experienced, competent forensic documents examiners able to attest under oath as to their provenance and validity.

So challenges by citizens are always appropriate, and demands for the presentation of such verifying physical documents are always reasonable and lawful.

Okay. Now, why the hell are Barry Soebarkah and his co-conspirators in the apparent violation of federal and state and local laws (in other words, we have ample indication that Barry and his little ACORN elves lied in 2008 and are lying now) allowed to jerk the people of these United States around with all this legalistic fan-dancing?

This is a constitutional crisis, no doubt about it. Every such crisis tests (and hopefully strengthens) the charter of federal civil government. It's part of the process by which we secure government under the rule of law, and keep the beast chained.

If that's not enough of a reason to "embrace the suck" and go gloriously forward with investigation of Stanley Ann's bastard baby boy in every reeking aspect of his outrageously strange life, it's a wonderful opportunity to reverse the hideous criminalities of the Obama Administration. Every law and executive action, every treaty and judicial appointment that our Kenyan Keynesian signed in the course of his criminal usurpation of the presidency now comes into question as intrinsically invalid. "Fruit of the poisoned tree" principle.

I mean, we could see two sitting U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justices dumped right out on their asses, and all the votes they had cast on decisions under their unlawful purview would have to be wiped off the books.

We may have an unprecedented opportunity for a massive "Do Over," courtesy of this POTUS-With-An-Asterisk, a chance to re-examine all the evils perpetrated by our National Socialist Democrat American Party (and their bipartisan buddies in the Red Faction) since January 2009.

Do we or do we not live in wondrous times?

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