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Number 669, May 6, 2012

"I'm thoroughly tired of all this fascist crap"

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In the Final Analysis
by L. Neil Smith

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America is infested with a political parasite.

They're nothing really new, these parasites. Among other things, they're directly responsible for the deaths of 620 thousand human beings in the 1860s, and for many more since then. But a swirling current in events tends to "pull our focus", alter the context in which we see things that we've been used to looking at for a long time.

To begin with, although these parasites are unquestionably socialists, whenever they're out of power, they talk a lot about individual liberty, about civil rights, about the Constitution. But when push comes to shove, once we're stupid enough—or scared enough—to vote them into office, and they're running things, we discover they don't really want us to have any more freedom than any of their rivals.

I say they're socialists. They'll delightedly tell you that the rights of _society_ come before those of the individual. Forget all that stuff they fed you in high school about "ownership of the means of production". That's way, way down the list of socialist priorities. Basically, socialists believe that rights are additive in nature, and that two people have more rights than one. When you're dealing with a nation of three hundred million people, by comparison, the rights of any one of them are too insignificant to be perceived with an electron microscope.

In this, they are utterly indistinguishable from anyone they view customarily as enemies. The only difference is the particular excuses they rely on to violate our rights: national security, for example, versus "social justice"; "duty, honor, country" versus political correctness.

They complain bitterly about the way the other side wishes to control every aspect of our lives "from cradle to grave". Then they viciously attack a company that offers guided tours of the Playboy mansion—an institution as American as the Statue of Liberty—and denounce Playboy itself for exploiting and "objectifying" women in exactly the same terms as the "feminazis" they're usually making fun of.

Stealing political calumny is as parasitic as it gets.

These parasites have never seen a war they didn't like, especially if they don't have to fight it themselves—although they usually wait around for their competitors to start it and then try to co-opt it—more parasitism. They become absolutely rapturously orgasmic over executions, and believe the reason the violent crime rate is down is because they have two million people locked up, rather than because more Americans own guns and carry them these days, and know how to use them. Despite the lip-service they pay the Second Amendment, one of their most famous leaders once said that privately-owned guns are "an abomination".

Actually, they're 750 million abominations, "of modern design in good working order". Another of their leaders suspended the Senate rules so the other party could ram through the nastiest gun law ever passed.

They object to their opponents high-tax, high-spend policies, yet when pressed, most will only say they want "fewer" taxes and "less" spending. They have never significantly reduced the burden of taxation or regulation on the Productive Class they like to claim as their "base". Not one of them has the courage, intelligence, or sanity to stand on principle, declare that all taxation is morally wrong, and a hell of a bad example for our children, who grow up with the attitude that when you want something, simply have the government steal it for you.

That's why Republicans always lose in the end, whether it's a Pig Newton, a Herman Cain, or an Ayatollah Santorum. Even if Mitt Romney manages to pull it off on this occasion, it will be a victory for the Democrats, exactly as the elections of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were. He's one of them, representing old money and old power, and he will be removing the embarrassment to the Left that Obama has become.

It's called a lack of product differentiation, a fatal political disease. (A dying Libertarian party seems never to have learned that lesson.)

Republicans have nothing genuine of their own to offer anyone. They exhibit all of the same vices as the Democrats, but they're cowardly, sneaky, and hypocritical about it. The Republican Party was born to hypocrisy. Their army didn't liberate slaves at plantations they took over, but pressed them into more involuntary servitude. Not a single slave was actually set free by the Emancipation Proclamation. But they went on being used in Washington, to refurbish the Capitol dome.

The trillions that they nobly refuse to spend today on welfare checks and medical Marxism, they will gleefully bestow tomorrow upon any mercantilist corporation that promises to build them a nuclear powered submersible aircraft carrier—especially if that particular mercantilist corporation happens to be within their Congressional district.

Republicans or Democrats: when you're being sodomized, it doesn't really matter what the buggerer is getting out of it. You're still getting sodomized, whether it's for national security or political correctness.

If you doubt me for an instant, consider how the GOP is treating the only candidate who really believes in and acts upon the principles Republicans say they stand for. The next state Republican Party will have its convention delegates taken away, if, in the opinion of the national committee, too many of them are supporters of Congressman Ron Paul.

Why the hell shouldn't I just vote for Obama, instead of his pale imitation?

Screw it. I'm voting for Paul, or not at all.

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