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Reading Room: Bargaining Position
by Ken Holder

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Bargaining Position
by Carl Bussjaeger
Published by Carl Bussjaeger, 2010, 2011

EBook: PDF or PRC format. $2.99

This is a hard-to-put-down read. It tells the story of two youngish asteroid prospectors who expand their searches to the space around Jupiter. They find something all right, which turns out to be a derelict spacecraft from another star system. During their explorations inside the wreck they find a something which they gradually discover is an advanced Artificial Intelligence. Or is it?

They have an exciting time trying to communicate with the AI, with trying to hire some defensive help to protect themselves from a large corporation's pirate ship, and then dealing with the unexpected result of getting the AI up and running.

It's all told with snappy and colorful dialog, interesting and sympathetic characters (one is obnoxiously young, but that's a problem young people have sometimes!), and a wonderfully imagined future libertarian society. This story is a continuation of Mr. Bussjaeger's 2002 novel Net Assets which is also recommended. Get 'em from Carl at that website noted up there. Looks to be sequel there, too.

My copy had a few typos, but they didn't slow me down much. Recommended as a fine read.

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