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Letter from A.X. Perez

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Yet Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Keep it Clean

Recently my Friend Dr. Richard Bartucci brought this article to my attention.

Keeping your guns clean is important. Let the them get dirty enough and firing pins don't don't strike primers with sufficient force (A plot device used by L, Neil Smith in The Nagasaki Vector before CSI Miami used it to get rid of a character and the actor who played him). Other moving parts get fouled and jam up. The barrel gets plated with cupronickel alloy and lead affecting its dimensions and the weapon in question's accuracy, I won't even discuss (or more accurately, display my ignorance on the subject of) of not proofing your weapon against ambient humidity and/or dust ( actually, dust I understand, also sand, grist, grit, and where the blazes did that pebble come from?)

Keep your gun clean or be prepared to go into a gun fight unarmed. This is OK for training to deal with failures, not so good in a real gunfight. This applies to other things. A few years ago I was sharpening up a lockback knife for a friend. About the time I got it to no drag shaving sharp I also noticed the lock wasn't locking. The notch was full of crud and therefor the knife wasn't locking open. After I was done decrapping my friend's knife I inspected all my lockbacks and cleaned any junk out of their notches (mostly pocket lint by the way, so don't think this isn't a danger).

Until we can get rid of the damn things, governments are going to be part of the environment in which we live. While ignoring them as much as possible is a wise and emotionally satisfying course, writing to the editor of your local rag, writing to and for TLE, posting on Face Book, writing letters to politicians (blech), and otherwise exercising freedom of expression are necessary to maintaining the machinery of government. So is voting, contributing, and if you can stomach it and know when to quit (hint: when you start to think you are indispensable it's time for you to be dispensed with).

Because otherwise it will breakdown and tyrants will get to buy the wreckage cheap.

A.X. Perez

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Went to windowshop my neighborhood gun shop. Noticed they were selling "cans" " so I congratulated them on their new Class 3 license and also wished them well. The owner's wife had been commenting on their most recent ATF audit causing stress before I got to the case with the soppressors so ...

On my wish list of firearms is a permanently suppressed .22 pistol, i.e., one which's barrel is essentially a suppressor with a rifled inner tube. Useful for target practice, killing large vermin without disturbing livestock, and other chores requiring discretion (come the revolution...). Of course a Welrod type weapon in .45 ACP (pistol or short barreled carbine would be nice.) The pistol type weapon would be useful for dealing with a carjacker, just don't miss.

Of course, except when in a confined space like an automobile, one usually wants to make a lot of noise when firing a weapon in self defense. Attracts the cops and gets the neighbors to call 911. Since you might be dealing with a gangbanger with friends nearby the usually is put in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Conversely, "the evil deed hateth the light," and tyrants as much as other criminals have an incentive to suppress their weapons. Sometimes they want to intimidate their victims, so unsilenced sometimes meet their needs, but usually they want to avoid noise and the attendant trouble.

Political commentary is my thing much more than guns. People resisting tyranny need to make a lot of noise so the neighbors can be alarmed and join the struggle. Conversely, tyrants need silence to keep us divided and pick us off one by one. Occasionally we need to reverse roles for tactical reasons, but strategically this is the general case.

It's time and past time to make a noise.

A.X. Perez

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A Good Week

The House Oversight Committee has voted to slap Eric Holder with a contempt citation.

The Border Patrol Union Has called for AG Holder's resignation.

President Obama has extended Executive Privilege over documents that Oversight Committee has been trying to get from DoJ regarding Operation Fast and Furious. This hast thus turned the scandal from Eric Holder's screw up to his boss's screw up. Also the vote to cite Holder was strictly along party lines. This has turned the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious into a partisan issue at election time. This will definitely hurt the Democrats.

On Friday I read that Jaime Zapata's family has slapped a variety of agencies and persons involved in OFF with a lawsuit over Agent Zapata's death at the hands of Cartel members armed with weapons that were walked across the Border by ATF.

Meanwhile, as all this unravels, the mainstream media is reaching a point where it has to explain how this scandal could develop without any coverage on their part (with a few conspicuous exceptions.) and why they were helping cover the mess up.

Love it.

A.X. Perez

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