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Number 676, June 24, 2012

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President Obama has invoked executive privilege to support his buddy Eric Holder's refusal to turn over documents regarding Fast and Furious to the House Oversight Committee. He is now fully in the controversy and is supporting the Department of Justice in its cover up (AG Holder isn't the only one involved) of its behavior in Operation Fast And Furious. If you google "obama fast and furious documents june 20 2012" you will get an eye full. Even the mainstream press will not be able to walk away from this.

Regardless of my opinion of President Obama's policies I have always realized that there was a veil of plausible deniability between him and Operation Fast and Furious, I felt constrained to act as if though he was a boss deliberately and carefully hoodwinked by his subordinates. However, even if this is true, the President has forfeited this consideration, as he has chosen to support his subordinates rather than "bust" them for this betrayal of public confidence. By me, the blood of every honest Mexican cop (both of them), every American law enforcement officer (three of them to date, and no sarcasm this time), every innocent bystander, every victim of extortion, every bent Mexican cop who was actually doing his job at the time, every American killed while visiting family in Mexico, killed n the struggle to control the drug trade through Juarez during the time OFF was running is on Pres. Obama's hands. The President is liable in my eye for every person who will be murdered with the weapons until they are all gathered up, possibly long after anyone involved in the Scandal has died of old age.

By me President Obama has demonstrated a willingness to make covert war on a nation that is at peace with the US and is in fact its ally by illegally arming gangs of known criminals to undermine it's power and moral claim on its citizens loyalty (no sarcastic comments please about no nation state deserving loyalty). Furthermore he is doing so as a pretext to undermine the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution as part of his general assault on the Bill of Rights.

The Republican Party other parties have been handed an issue to nail President Obama's hide to the wall on Election Day. certainly many Democratic Candidates for Congress are going down if Operation Fast and Furious and its cover up are made an issue. There are those who are advising the Republicans not to do so. In other cases, it is possible that the Media will continue to support President Obama by covering up this affair.

This is not a time to keep quiet, not if you are seeking political office, not if you are a person that is trying to promote a free government, not if you believe that the right kind of fascism properly administered is the hope of mankind. You would be a fool to walk away from such a clean shot at your foe. If you love freedom and don't holler about this you are submitting to its destruction. And how arming bloodthirsty criminals who offer human sacrifice to gain supernatural aid in their criminal endeavors is anything properly administered is beyond my ken.

President Obama recently acted to support the rights of latino illegal immigrants to become legal. He did this to gain the support of the Mexican American voters in the 2012 election. He could have done as well punishing the folk who had such a large hand in murdering our (I'm loyal to the US and anglicized, but I will never deny my race) cousins. If the Libertarians, Republicans, and others opposing his reelection throw this in his face they may gain a few votes. at least they'll be telling the truth, something refreshing in Presidential politics.

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