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Number 678, July 8, 2012

"It's important to understand that
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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from Neale Osborn

Letter from Rex "Baloo" May

The 28th Amendment

Due to the ongoing un-Constitutional takeover of the private sector Healthcare Industry, I propose we eliminate the problem. We need an Amendment to the Constitution that totally and completely forbids the Federal OR state governments from being involved in ANY aspect of the healthcare indistry other than caring for disabled veterans. I ALSO propose that said Amendment ALSO force a panel of doctors to insure that the level of care veterans receive at the hands of the government equals or exceeds the level of care the best PRIVATE insurance company provides for the average citizen. I ALSO propose that ALL members of the federal government must pay the full cost, OUT OF POCKET, for their own healthcare. ALL monies currently set aside for providing healthcare and retirement for elected officials are to be immediately returned to the general fund, and the officials are to pay out of pocket for their retirement funds, as well.

In order to prevent future payraises for elected officials being used to make up for these out of pocket expenses, the pay of elected officials is to be tied to the average pay rate of American citizens making under $250,000 ( the accepted cut off for middle class earnings) as follows-

House of Representatives- 100% of average.

Senate- 125% of average

President- 150% of average.

What say YOU?

Neale Osborn

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Baloo News!
Baloo News

Hi, all.

The big news this week is that has stopped hosting websites, so I had to move mine. If you have my site bookmarked, please check it, and if you get a CLOSED message, change the bookmark to this URL:

And do pass this URL on to any cartoon fans you know.

My next mailing will, I hope, have more interesting news in it.

Rex May
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