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Number 679, July 15, 2012

"I'm not a lawyer. But I can read and I can think."

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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from Chav el Chuco


I think Rahm Emanuel and his ilk in the Windy City are wusses. They complain of a problem with violent gangs. They ain't got a problem with violent gangs.

This is what a problem with violent gangs looks like:

  • Having three major gangs fight a war with eachother to control the flow of drugs through your city.
  • Having your police force on the losing end of a shooting war to control these gangs.
  • Having your police in fact being part of these gangs.
  • Having your police be murdered for belonging to the wrong gang.
  • Having gangs powerful enough to give police officers the choice between accepting bribes and being murdered.
  • Having cops that regularly improve their income by accepting and extorting bribes. (no wait, you already have that, haven't you?)
  • Having state and federal police brought in to resolve the issue only to exacerbate it by their corruption. Having the military come in only to follow the same pattern.
  • Having prostitutes, female factory workers, and female high school students systematically kidnapped, robbed, raped and murdered by gangsters, cops, and soldiers.
  • Having businesses shaken down for protection money by one gang, then having said businesses' owners shot by members of rival gangs for paying off the first gang.
  • Having gangs so powerful their members actually seek to extort protection money from elementary schools and murder foreign diplomats.
  • Having a foreign government arming your criminals for the purpose of destroying the civil rights of its own citizens.

Dudes, you are freaking out over what from the point of view of Juarez, Mexico and other Border Cities would be fucking amateur hour. And seeing how your not quite Native Son and his lackey Eric Holder are in on that last part, in your boots I would tremble at the Karma they have bought for the Cook County political machine.

Chav el Chuco

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