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Number 679, July 15, 2012

"I'm not a lawyer. But I can read and I can think."

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The Source Of Our Common Problem
by Michael Chavez Jr

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Lawmakers Have Seized Total Dominion Over All of Society;

They Wield The Power to Implement Violence for Any Cause They Choose,

Making us a Conquered and Militarily Occupied People.

Not Free.Not Safe.Plundered Servants on Our Own Land.

Our Dysfunction Stems From This Totalitarian Democratically Elected Oligarchy Issuing Mandates Under the Guise Of Law.

Democratic Despotism;

An Anti-Republic Where One Group of Men Exerts Total Dominion Over All.


In a Republican form of Government The Lawmakers Are Delegates Of The People And Therefore Are Limited in Power Because:

1.No Man Can Delegate (Give To Another) The Power of Total Dominion Over Himself.

2.No Man Can Delegate (Give To Another) The Power of Total Dominion Over a Third Person.

These Facts Prove:

1. The Power Of Total Dominion is Beyond The Reach of a Delegate Lawmaker;

2. We Do Not Have Delegate Lawmakers,

3. We Do Not Have A Republican Form of Government.


What Are Today's Governments?

Governments Are Militant Entities That Occupy Our Societies In Order To Control and Extract Our Wealth...

They Profess Themselves To Be Delegates Of The People, Yet They Claim Total Dominion Over The People.

They Cooperate and Compete With Each Other For The Resources Of The Planet... and They See People As a Resource.


Why Do People Allow This To Persist?

People Fear What They Cannot Control and Governments Promise Them Control Plus a Share of The Plundered Loot.

This is Folly.


What About law?

While It Is True That Without Law There Would Be Chaos;

It Also True That:

Total Mandate Making Power Is the Very Definition Of Despotism/ Tyranny/ Totalitarianism --

The Primary Law Naturally Held Common by All Men in Society is The Same Law That Men in Government Break at Their Pleasure:

Do Not Injure Another Individual.


Why Is Protecting The Individual Important?

Thought, Inspiration, and Innovation, Only Come to The Individual Therefore,

The Individual is The Only Means By Which Hidden Potential Can Be Made Real,

Totally Unique In His Ability to Take In, Prioritize, and Process Information, Each Individual is Irreplaceable.

Once an Individual is Killed, Repressed, or Otherwise Silenced, His Contribution through Trade and Charity is Lost.

While the Individual Has This Critical Importance, He Is Only One;

Making Him Easy Prey For Institutionalized Robbers and Slavers To Steal His Essence,

Thus, As Individuals, We Must Come Together and Forever Limit The Violence All Institutions May Exert


Proposed Solution:

Restrict All Governments by Constitution to The Primary Law Naturally Held Common by All Societies:

1. All Individuals and Groups including All Branches of All Governments Are Forever Forbidden From Initiating Violence or Otherwise Injuring Anyone by Any Means

2. The Only Moral and Lawful Use of Violence Is To Defend Against Individuals, Groups, and Governments Who Violate The Above.

3. There Are No Exceptions To the Above.

A Free Society Does Not Have Special Group Of Elect Rulers to Mandate Their Affairs—They Require Only A Judicial System Where Conflicts Can Be Settled Peacefully. All Societies Naturally Adhere to The Primary Law Because It Is The Healthiest Way For Individuals To Coexist. The Only Entities On Planet Earth That Do Not Adhere To This Law Are Governments. Without Clearly Restricting Government by Constitution, We Are a People That are Destined to Repeat the Cycle of Despair That Has Plagued Mankind Since Time Immemorial.

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