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"The United States...exercises lax firearm
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"They're Playing Our Song"
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Remember the TV Show Laugh In? It was an hour (minus time for ads) od comedy skits and running gags. Made the catch phrase "sock it" to me famous.

Sometimes they're skits weren't comedy. One I remember in particular featured Frank Sinatra singing "It Was a Very Good Year" (okay, a recording of Sinatra singing) and Dan Rowan portraying an American soldier. At 17 he was a private in WWII, at 21 he was a sergeant in the Korean War (time isn;t quite right, allow some artistic license), a Special Forces Master Sergeant in Viet Nam (as they spelled it back then) at 35, and he finishes the skit to the line " I'm in the autumn of my life" wearing an MP's arm band and saying, "You'll have to excuse me, they're playing my song."

I was born in December of 1953. Korea had just ended and we were in the Cold War, which some (me for one()consider to be WWIII fought in slow motion. It heated up in Viet Nam, then a whole bunch of little adventures that ended when the Soviets collapsed in 1990-1991. It is hard to get a count on how many Americans and Russians were killed, but it is more than zero, For example, count all the Air Crews killed flying scouting Missions over the USSR. We got millions of "little people" killed all over the globe. The problem is that a lot of it "never really happened" and daring deeds "weren't done" by men "who were never there."

We also had a naval war that didn't really happen in the Persian Gulf in the Eighties, Gulf War I against Iraq in 1991, Somalia in '92, peace keeping in the Balkans and let us never forget Afghanistan, Iraq II, the occupation of Iraq, the War on terror and President Obama's little adventures. They're playing America's song.

And now I hear that there is talk of the US getting involved in Syria and if you look at the map and realize that Syria is allied with Iran to support Hezbollah in taking over Lebanon and trying to destroy Israelnand that we need to make sure the Syrians won't attack our rear if we go to war with Iran like a lot of people want...

Change the fucking music already!!

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